Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harvest Time

Remember this plant way back? 

We originally thought we were growing a pepper plant since the leaves looked nothing like tomato plants' leaves and the seeds were labelled pepper.  We thought it was from our seed collection from last year and just went with it.  The plant grew and still we thought it was a pepper plant. Then this vegetable came along.  It looked strangely tomato-ish-ey.  And the last few days - Yep.  It. Turned. Red.  It's a tomato!

Our first and only harvest bounty of this year.  In years past we've had much better gardens.  This year was weak due to tons of travel and being out of town half the summer.  But this little tomato baby made it and we could not be prouder of this special tomato (pepper?).  It looks all pretty and perfectly red and semi heirloom round.  

Oh and I forgot to mention how small it is.  Yeah puny.  These are comparisons from the Durham Farmers Market this Saturday make our little tomato look like a baby.  The monstrous tomato on top was so big!  I have no idea how any tomato plant branch supported that thing!  Gotta love the best or organic summer tomatoes!  (we used it on a yumm pizza!)


  1. how fun! im glad you got a few veggies despite being away from your garden this summer. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. What a funny little tomato plant. Nothing beats a good tomato.

  3. Fresh homegrown tomatoes are sooo much Better than anything you could buy ! Your little baby tomato is cute ha! We have a tomato plant and it is completely taking over the garden but I'm so excited to pick all of them!

  4. how funny you thought you were growing peppers all this time and you got a tomato! they are both so good, especially homegrown!

  5. First time visiting your blog and this post made me laugh! We had a similar experience in our front yard... but it ended up being a pumpkin! {don't ask! lol) Glad you had a successful harvest! If you get a chance come by and check out my blog... my husband and I just started a box garden and we're patiently waiting to pick our tomatoes!


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