Thursday, July 28, 2011

We found a place to live!

Since we've known we're going to move to Richmond for oh... the last 10 months we've had a long time to plan everything.  But while I tried to plan away for 8 months you can't do much important stuff until the very end.  The end is here!  Nobody is going to rent you an apartment 6 months before you think you're probably going to move.  We didn't have an official move date until a few weeks ago.  Everything was just up in the air.  Ehh. Whatever, it'll work out.  Jeez we sound like we're 19 or something. 

I did one, two and three parts too much research and we finally decided we liked the Fan and Cedar Hurst/ Forest Hill Park/Gravel Hill areas of Richmond.  Other high contenders were The Museum District, Carytown & Malvern Gardens. 

It's now settled.  We have a place to live.  yay!  Its a great apartment/house/condo like arrangement.  The area in the map above is our new neighborhood.  I'm not going to be too specific but it's in that general area-ish.  No stalkers allowed.  How did it go down?

We arranged a trip to Richmond.  We had about 3 appointments to look at serious apartments.  We had 2 more that the owner left unlocked for us (those were no's).  I found them all on  We saw the first one at 10am (early for us since it was a 3 hour drive from Raleigh) and we loved it!  I knew we would since there were photos online.  We loved it and it was cheaper than we'd budgeted.  I was hesitant to put down a deposit on the 1st one we saw.  We walked around the block nervous since the property manager was getting ready to leave.  While contemplating our new life/making a decision to pick this place before seeing the others, I got a call.  It was for another one of our appointments that afternoon - it had just been taken.  I felt like a sign.  We went back inside the #1 place and put down the money to hold it.  It was ours!

With that decision out of the way just some lease signing, money, notarization and paperwork was all it took to get our new place.  I am so excited for the move now!  We have a place to live, we've got everything set for Tony's school, I ordered him a parking pass so he can go to class, we got our utilities turned on, we'll have Internet even a few days after move in day & more.  I still need a job but I'm working on that... nards.

After we move in: photos, layout, design decisions etc will be posted!  I know we'll be buying curtains and rugs since this place has no window treatments and all hard wood floors!  Score!


  1. So glad you found a place! That always feels so good. I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Isn't it such a great feeling knowing that is taken care of? We were in the same boat a few months ago and just happened to pass a house for rent in a really great area - we've been living here for about two months! Good luck in the moving process and enjoy decorating your new home :)

  3. yah!! congrats on finding the place! v exciting stuff! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. I just found your blog and I think its adorable! I have stolen a few of your recipes already. Hope your move goes safely and I will definitely keep up with your posts :) xx
    Shayna @

  5. So nice to have a home to your name! I can't wait to see pictures and updates :)


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