Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Lessons

These are things we'll take with us after surviving hurricane 2K11.  Everything seems to be a learning process around here lately.  Moving to Virginia has been stressful!  Things we've learned from Hurricane Irene:
  • Bake food before a hurricane hits
    • cookies, muffins, cakes, granola etc
  • Take hot shower before a hurricane hits (although we had hot & cold water throughout the power outage luckily)
  • Do laundry before a hurricane hits
    • Stock up on stuff you can eat cold - bread, bagels, peanut butter, fruit, vegetables, nuts, chips, salsa, even stuff like soup, canned tuna, waffles, beans, leftover potato gratin casserole...
    • Don't stock up on perishable items before a hurricane hits
      • Why the heck does everyone buy milk?  What good will that do you in a summer hurricane?  You'll have to drink it right away or it'll all go bad.  Unless you have a babe I strongly don't get it.
    • Eat before the power goes out!  Duh.  We got hungry for dinner right when our power went out at 5pm.  Sillies.
    • Don't wait until the power goes out to look for all the candles and matches - plan ahead.  I still haven't found a bag of IKEA candles that got lost in the move.
    • move your car away from under a giant tree
    • charge all electronics - phones, computers, ipods etc
    • Move important items out of the basement before it floods
    • Don't buy a house that was built in 1930 (side note: one window has a leak and destroyed our blinds)
    • Live in a place with a gas stove and gas powered water heater
    • Live in a place where the windows can open!  Ours still can't but 2 and we have just 1 temporary screen. Again living without AC sucks; luckily it wasn't 96 degrees like move in week and only in the 80's.
    • Have plenty of towels on hand just in case
    • Be prepared to meet your neighbors.  Put on your friendly face.
    Although we're not planning on becoming home owners anytime soon this is just one more thing that makes us grateful for still renting.  The de-molding sub-contractor guy is coming today to assess the damage in the basement.  So glad its not my $$$ to pay him.  There was mold before the hurricane too so it was needed.

    Also we're taking away a few lessons that we both personally feel strongly on.  We will never buy a really old house.  We have no desire for a house with a basement.  We want the washer/dryer to be up to code (is that so much to ask!?).  We want gas powered appliances.  

    Lets hope after an earthquake and hurricane in the same week there are no more natural disasters for awhile.  

    Also if you know the answer to why people stock up on milk in the summer before a hurricane please leave a comment.  I don't get it. 


    1. Ha! I don't get the stocking up on milk either. These are all great tips!

    2. That's weird that people stocked up on milk... who knows why they did it. Rather than buying milk, we bought a lot or water and canned foods (tomato sauce, pasta, beans, etc.).

      When we heard that Irene was on her way, we tried to eat everything in our fridge. We never even lost power (thankfully) but my parents did (we were hiding out at their place). They have a gas stove and it was a life saver. We were able to cook everything in their freezer before it went bad.

    3. These are awesome tips! Are you really telling me people stock up on milk? Oh my Lord, people can do the dumbess things!!!

      Such an adorable blog <3
      Lots of Love,

    4. @Camylla Leonardi Wait am I the only one who's noticed that people stock up on milk? I just thought everyone knew that. Just look at the shelves before a storm - empty milk cases at the grocery store. I understand in the winter where you can keep cold stuff chilled if there is 5' of snow but in the summer...?


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