Monday, August 29, 2011

Meals for the week - August 29th and Hurricane update

I've been way behind on posting our menus/meals for the week lately.  Partly due to moving and such and more recently due to stress with Irene.  This week's menu which I just made is a jumble of stuff.  I had gone grocery shopping and also made some food when the hurricane hit.  

Thankfully the house and us made it through fine.  We were without power for 28 hours and now amazingly have power restored!  Yay Dominion power!  Our neighbors were not all so lucky.  There were many trees down on neighboring streets & houses and some fell on primary, major power lines.  Yikesters!  Lots of road closures and down power lines.  Our basement did flood about 8" where luckily we didn't have many of our personal items.  The only things in the basement were Cornelius's litter box, our Christmas tree and some cleaning supplies.  Oh and the washer, dryer, all the utilities, water heater and some painting supplies left by the owner.  We got our stuff out and dried off but someone is coming to check the rest of the basement (hopefully today).  We had hot water through the black out which was nice since we have gas for our hot water heater and the pilot light was above the flood level in the basement.  

Our new fridge handled the black out pretty well!  I was personally very surprised.  We opened it a few times to get various things but amazed how cool everything inside was the whole time.  We didn't loose any food due to spoilage - yay!  We're hosting some friends' food since their power has yet to return.  

The party on Sunday was cancelled due to the hurricane and we had to make due with cold food like PB&J and leftover soup and such that day.  Somehow a Chinese restaurant was open nearby (generator?) so we grabbed some of that too.  Yes we broke our no eating out rule but it was... 'an emergency'.  Wish I had snapped a photo of our local grocery store we visited Sunday.  It was open and partially lit with only non perishable items for sale.  They were carting away all the now warm frozen food in carts (wonder what they did with that - I bet some people would have taken that stuff).  

mail that the mail person thought it'd be okay to leave outside
not in our mail slot.  Then the hurricane hit and it got destroyed.

drying our fake Christmas tree day after the hurricane
It got soaked when the basement flooded.

my feet underwater and the floating kitty litter box in the 4" of water in the basement.
Also: I can't believe I stood in that water!  It was disgusting!  Probably full of bugs, dirt, mold,
kitty litter, paint, bacteria & chemicals.  Gross.  Also it was cold, and felt nasty.

Hope everyone was safe and happy menu planning this week!

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  1. The hurracaine looks scary, wow. Glad to know you guys are okay! I was actually in Chicago (came back yesterday) and they kept talking about flights being cancelled and we were worried we might not make it back home... thankfully we chose Chicago over New York for our vacation (we ended up going to Chicago because it was cheaper!)


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