Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We've made it to Richmond! pt. 1

We finally moved to Richmond! Our move has been anything but boring, in fact it’s been a roller coaster of ups and downs; one big hot, sweaty roller coaster. Let’s start at the beginning:

Two days before the big move we get a call from the Budget moving truck people- the 24’ truck we reserved isn’t there, would we like a 16’? Um, no we would not, but it’s too late to find a bigger truck with that short a notice, at least not without breaking our budget. Take a deep breath, can we fit all our stuff into a 16’? According to penske’s “What Size Moving Truck Do I Need?” online calculator, yes. Yes we can.
We picked up the truck at 5pm… well, more like 5:30pm after we waited half an hour for service. No sooner had we pulled our 16’ truck into rush hour traffic when the ‘check engine’ light blinks on… too late to return it, we called and demanded a replacement first thing the next morning.

The next morning we picked up a new, functioning (still 16’) truck, and started what amounted to a 12 hour day of packing, hauling down 3 flights of stairs, and filling EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY of the truck (sorry no photos, but got to admit it was impressive!). We slept on our couches, which hadn’t been loaded. We saved the heavy lifting for the morning, when we hired a lone mover to help for 2 hours ($65, Robert Broughton) - this guy was awesome & we actually managed to fit EVERYTHING we planned on filling the 24’ into the 16’ foot with his ingenuity. We actually got done early, and Tony left for Richmond by noon, while I waited for my dad to arrive at the airport at 2pm.

We also hired 2 movers for 2 hours ($105) on the Richmond side of things. Since we were ahead of schedule, we contacted them, and they showed up early! The roller coaster is really good at this point… the only dip is that my dad’s luggage didn’t follow him to Raleigh. In fact, we were so early that we were able to return the truck on time (we weren’t planning on making it originally) since unloading only took an hour!
But then… the coaster veered off track and into rough, uncharted territory. 

The apartment is gorgeous - just how we remembered it.  However it did feel um, warm? Scratch that, downright hot.  No, scorching.  Had no one turned on the AC?  Anyway we started to unpack, and the lack of circulating air was not lost on any of us, including our cat Cornelius, who was actually panting about 60 times a minute with his mouth hanging open… we’d never seen him do that before.  We knew we wouldn’t be able to stay the night at this place if the air didn’t kick on soon.  It was 100 when we left Raleigh, and close to it in Richmond, and it was 93 INSIDE our apartment!  Quick, someone open a window!  Wait, what?  They don’t open?  Well how about a door?  Oh yeah, we don’t want our cat to escape; also there are hornets.  Hmmm, let’s call the leasing office… someone should be out... tomorrow?  Okay, we’d better find a pet-friendly hotel, and fast! 

(to be continued…)

some beauties to check out:  

You'll definitely want to hear the rest of this story.  Check back soon.  


  1. The apartment is gorgeous! What a crazy story, though. Can't wait to hear how it ends!

  2. it is gorgeous apartment ! thank for sharing us


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