Friday, August 5, 2011

We've made it to Richmond! pt. 2

(continued from part 1

The first night we stayed in a Days Inn Express that welcomed pets.  IDK if you’ve ever spent the same night in the same room as your cat’s litter box, but it’s not exactly pleasant.  But at least we had air conditioning there! The next day my family helped us unpack, but then escaped the heat back home.  Over the next 24 hours, we learned that the reason why we had no AC was that the unit was stolen from outside… likely an inside job as the person neatly clipped the cord and tubing like a professional.  We also heard rumors from the maintenance men that the management company for our apartment may have known about this before we even moved in… WTF people?  Okay, okay, let’s not jump to conclusions.  It was close to $100/night after the pet fee to stay at the hotel for a night… I wonder how much window units cost?  $100-200 for a single room?  Yes please.  Next stop: Target!
This wasn't even the worst of it.  It was high as 93.2 F.  
After picking up the essentials (like temporary vinyl window blinds @ $5 each!) to block the solar onslaught of heat) we found an 8000 BTU window AC unit- perfect for a large room.  No there were no window treatments that came with the house, or screens.  We took our new baby home and opened the box to find… it was dented, and wouldn’t seal with the window.  Cuss!  Okay, nobody panic, it’ll be okay… well maybe it wouldn’t, seeing as the only window that would even open was in the kitchen and was not near any wall outlets.  What is up with this place, is it even up to code?  (We would later learn, no, no it was not; despite being a newly renovated place).  Back to Target.  And Walmart.  And Lowes.  No luck.  A call to Home Depot the next day did land us a 5000 BTU (small room) unit ($99), as well as a ‘select-a-size’ screen ($5) for the kitchen window that had no outlet.  The maintenance man helped us open a window in our bedroom, which had apparently been nailed AND painted with about a million coats of paint shut.  Is this the poor-man’s version of a security system??  That night, we installed the unit ourselves and even though it was our third day here, we slept for the first time in less than 85 degrees in our own home.

After finally getting a 2nd window open - our cheap temporary 'screen'.  Cat stays in; bugs stay out.  
cuss - its broken
The roller coaster did lead us in a happier direction when we discovered an awesome treasure down the street from us: Parkside CafĂ©, an eclectic American/Mexican/Indian restaurant with reasonable prices, as well as Crossroads Ice Cream & Coffee.  This place was awesome!  Not only did they have DELICIOUS ice cream, with flavors like Basil, and Espresso Oreo, but they also sell beer and have live music!  Tony foresees much time in the future studying here for school.  Then maybe drinking a beer (which they serve free pistachios with!) afterwards.  Another highlight of the moving weekend was meeting two of Tony’s classmates, Jeff and Kristen.  We helped Jeff and his wife move into their house the same weekend, in the same neighborhood.  They seem like great people and we can’t wait to get to know them better.

The final slap in the face on this grueling, hot, tiresome weekend came when we tried to do the laundry.  Upon the rinse cycle, the sump pump kicked on.  What?  Why?  What’s a sump pump?  Well, at our household, when the basement washer drains its water, it goes directly to the sump pump hole, which should in theory pump it up and out of the house to the sewage or whatever like normal.  According to the maintenance man, this is not normal.  Or usual.  It just, is.  Did an engineer even design this?  In theory, yes this idea works fine… if you have a functioning sump pump, which is there to protect against basement flooding, not for draining your laundry.  But I digress.  However, issues can arise when the pump neglects to turn off, leading to a slightly off-putting, electrical burning smell, accompanied by a nervous loud noise reminiscent of a vacuum that has snagged a shoelace and continues to run.  According to the maintenance supervisor, we should try to ‘let it run all night, and if it doesn’t shut off call them back.’  Did we not mention that the burning started after about 5 minutes of running?  We did?  Okay then.

Despite the hiccups, we LOVE the new place.  We are almost all the way unpacked, and are excited to blog about the good things to come.  Just give us a few days so that we may do it in the air conditioning.  (It hasn’t been replaced yet  It was just replaced today!).

Here's some more photos from move in week:


  1. I just read this and the previous posts - what nightmares! I can't believe all the issues you've had. So far, the worst we've had to deal with for our move is getting the dog smell/hair out of our apartment. We moved most of the stuff ourselves and are exhausted! There are a few more things at the apartment but otherwise, we're totally moved out.

    Glad you like the new place. It looks beautiful!

  2. Yeah, I feel for you about all of those issues! We had an ant infestation that's been a constant battle since the day we moved it, but at least we have AC and a working laundry system!


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