Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Chicken Dinner

For my special birthday dinner last week (or maybe 2 weeks ago, this is blogging time, not regular time) my wonderful husband made me a special meal to celebrate.  I requested an old favorite of his.  This meal was the very first meal he cooked for me when we started dating way back when.  I knew I had found a keeper.  I'm not sure where he got the recipe or idea but basically I brag that he made it up. 

You get a quarter loaf of Whole Foods organic bread (or more if you can afford it and eat it quick!) and toast it then add apricot jam.  We've broiled, used a toaster and once a grill for this step.  Whatever works. 

Shread some awesome chicken (yes meat!).  Here we used rotisserie chicken since it is easy. 

Don't forget to slice the bread all cool like for the photo - it makes it taste better.  True story.  Then on top of the chicken goes prosciutto and fontina cheese then freshly picked basil.  You eat it like an open faced sandwich and better love it. Try not to cut your mouth on the crust.

Then as a dessert I made these chocolate oatmeal bars.  I lost the recipe but basically like this one:  They were delicious but very rich so the pieces kept getting cut smaller and smaller.  I made a big batch for the nurse anesthesia class; gotta be a suck up wife to our new friends sometimes!


  1. Everything looks delish! We usually only have chicken meat when we eat home, too.

  2. Here it is!


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