Monday, September 19, 2011

Paint Chip Art

As a fun little 'i'mboredoutofworkletscraft' project I decided to do some paint chip art.  I've seen it around the blogosphere and I'm nothing if not a follower of trends & others' ideas.  Basically you get free paint color chips from home improvement store and cut them to little sizes and line them up in a frame.  Easy enough.  Makes you feel all artsy inside.

As if I took graphic design online from some progressive interior design college.  Like I have the time; oh wait.

Here I am hard at work while Tony studies.  10^10 points if anyone can even vaguely recognize what's going on in that studying.  Yep I want to re-organize those built in shelves and mantle and stuff in the living room that got nicely placed when we unpacked.  But if I have free time I might want to play with it.  Seasonal anyone?  Actually I'm not really big on huge seasonal decor but whatever... more DIY paint chip art: 

I just taped the little squares to the back of a cereal box that was big enough to fit in the frame & matte.  I chose warm colors to probably go in our bedroom.  As you can see a paper cutter would have been helpful since most of my squares aren't even slightly straight or even at all.  No worries since when I finalized everything I laid them under each other to achieve a straight look.  I do want to invest in a paper cutter though some day.  It's like a dream surprise gift (hint!) albeit silly and possibly expensive.  

Finished product in a frame we already owned.  I considered painting the frame white but love the look of this natural wood.  Most of our frames in the house are black though - IKEA or otherwise.  This still looks good.  Currently it's sitting on my dresser (moved from this mantle shot) but has yet to be hung on the wall.  

Cost of this project:
paint chips: zero - free from Lowes
supplies - scissors, pens, ruler, tape, scrap cardboard: zero - all owned
frame: zero - already owned.
total: ZERO dollars.


  1. Wow. This looks so good! Great idea!

  2. Saw this on young house love - looks great!!!!!

  3. I love the colors you chose - it looks so earthy and warm!

  4. Oooh I like it! Nice colors for fall. I did my own little paint chip art project a while back:


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