Monday, September 5, 2011

Painting Curtains pt. 1

I've titled this post painting curtains pt. 1 for motivation.  I'm hoping there will be a part 2.  This is sort of an idea and question post.  I want to paint some curtains.  Yes paint.  Hey it's been done in the blog world so I figured a new place for us could mean we have new-ish to us curtains.

Here are some examples:


How it works (according to the blogsphere): step 1. buy cheap IKEA curtains.  Step 2. tape off a pattern - stripes, chevron etc.  Step 3. paint.  Step 4. peel off tape and admire.

I've already got step 1 down... except 1 thing.  All good curtain painters/blog enthusiasts bought white curtains to start with.  I have brown.  These:

old apartment bedroom with brown IKEA curtains I want to paint.

I have 2 paint options - blue or white.  Blue paint since we got an entire gallon when we painted (and repainted oops) the bookcase and white since we just happen to have some white paint lying around.  Realistically I could buy more paint but we're on a budget so those are our 2 options.  I was thinking stripes since that would be easiest plus we have horizontal lined blinds so that'd go well together.  Chevron would be my bomb but that's way more work and I'm a beginner.

Will find some bedroom photos of where the curtains will be hung.  soon.

Soo.... Will white paint look good?  Will it bleed through or not be translucent enough for brown curtains?  Eak the possibilities!  I just don't know.

Off to experiment...


  1. ooo i'm excited to see how this turns out! i definitely think white as opposed to blue...crisper, cleaner. maybe you'll just need to do a couple coats? can't wait for part 2!

  2. I think the white would be gorgeous! I have never ever done anything like this, so I can't offer any advice, but I do offer you insanely good luck! ^_-

  3. I like white better, too. Can't wait to see the finished results.


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