Thursday, September 22, 2011

Summer Photo drop

As this blog is partly just a public diary of our lives sometimes I feel like just posting stuff for myself.  This is a random photo drop off lots of stuff we've done this summer.  Wait it's no longer summer!??  Oopss.  I miss it already.  Screw long jeans and sweaters and jackets.  Bring back shorts and flip flops!  

Anywho... none of this stuff really deserve their own posts but they all deserved to be remembered.  On that thought - have any bloggers heard about this blog2print thing?  It basically makes a book with all (or some of your choice) of your blog posts?!  Maybe one day I'll want to remember this crap part of our lives.  Also random: just got the blogger iPhone app. Is that new?  I'm not lovin' it at first.

inside out pizza with pesto.  turns out tomatoes on top = amazing!

zucchini and squash fries w/fake TJ's nuggets & organic broccoli & cauliflower

We had guests from out of town, went to Kuba Kuba and had their famous
Tres Leches Cake.  I thought it was good but not as superb as it's hyped to be
cough cough on the Food Network.

They had a chocolate version of the tres leches cake too!
This one was yummm!

I made no-bake cookies for my brothers birthday.
Wow the only organic thing in this dessert was the milk!?!
hmmm... maybe the vanilla, not pictured

me hanging our temporary shades in our new windows

my first ever waffle cone at Local Dairy in Raleigh

the best greek yogurt we've found

can't wait to plant this.  what a neat idea Triscuit!

For our 1st anniversary we got a free anniversary cake from our
wedding cake baker.  So pretty and tasted amazing!  We shared it with friends.
Picking strawberries down the street from our old house
Just so you know... picking strawberries could kill you.
we saw cows!
Congrats Carrie & Graham!

typical summer parfait

We finally made it to bagel & deli!

Me setting up some shots for an engagement shoot.
"Do like this..." 

Free method laundry detergent I won by entering my home video
in their commercial contest thing.  I apparently got mine used...
but I couldn't find it.  I didn't have to buy or make detergent for months!
Thanks method!

free product I got FREE through
not too shabby looking.  Okay, well not perfect but it was my first time
using nail polish strips
4th of July with Durham friends!
Tony being awkward as usual in group photos
Summer Lemon homemade organic ice cream.  Made with Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream recipe

summer sandwich


  1. That pizza looks heavenly!!! It looks really healthy too!

    Belly B :)

  2. Those zucchini and squash fries look delicious; do you have a recipe? Beautiful anniversary cake, too! What flavor was it? I love the Sally Hansen nail strips. Definitely not free, and they cost about as much as bottle of polish (and only come with 16 strips, what the hell?), but they have such cool prints!

  3. @Niki The cake was just french vanilla I think with buttercream! I think the recipe for the squash fries is from here:

  4. I definitely want to do a blog to book! I downloaded a free program on my computer to do it, and spent several hours on it and only got a month or two done. Plus at this point I was around 40 or so pages, and I was hoping to get an entire year in a book. Frustrated at how time consuming it was (and expensive with the number of pages I would need) I kind of set it aside. But eventually I'd still love to do it.


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