Friday, October 14, 2011

Annual IKEA trip 2011

Every year for the last 3 or so years we've made an annual trip to our local IKEA.  It's a tradition now.  It used to be the brand new Charlotte, NC IKEA but now it's the Woodbridge, VA one.  We go for fun and we normally buy stuff too.   

Fun note: We actually went on opening weekend when the Charlotte store was new (2008/09?).  It was mayhem to the extreme!  There were satellite parking lots with buses, traffic backed up 2 exits on the highway, cops directing cars, lines inside backed up past the warehouse.  Crazy.  But still fun.  Another fun note: I went to the opening of the Woodbridge IKEA as well when I was a wee toddler Robin; my first ball pit. 

This year we had a few "must buys" that we've been thinking up since moving into our new place.  Also this years' trip had to be a little cheaper than previous ones.  Honestly I seriously could spend way too many paychecks at that store given a big enough house, big enough truck and the means.  Our 'must buys' were curtains for the living room and blinds or window covering for one kitchen window.  Bonus buys were going to be a desk for me (Robin), a living room rug, accessories for office, more curtains for the office, curtain rod for other kitchen window, shelf for office, additional lamp for office and I could go on forever.

Guess what we got?  Check out the before and after photos to I spy them.

living room before
office before
kitchen window before
AANNND now...
office after!
I also spy pinterest!
living room after!
cat not included
kitchen window after
As you can see we got some blinds for the kitchen window - nice wooden ones.  We got cheap 2 panel curtains for the living room (2 pack of panels for $15) plus a super long black curtain rod for that room.  We debated over the color choice of the curtains for a long time but knew we had a small budget and had to go cheapsies and went with one of the white patterns.  Tony's fav was out of stock so we went with simple leafy pattern similar to this one.  The install of both was pretty easy, just some screws (not included, WHAT?!) and a power drill.  We also picked up a $20 rug that is probably too small for the large living room but I love the pattern and who can beat 20 bucks?!  We'll upgrade in 3 years.  Right..
my fabulously dorky measurements
what we should have taken a photo of is me with my own measuring tape in the store!
We also got me a desk!  Yay!  No more ReStore kitchen cart.  That thing was all weird ergonomically and not my jam.  Well technically we got me a table.  It was in the desk area of the showroom but really its a cheap table top that you match with legs.  Those legs are $3.50 each.  Yep.  You can mix and match lots of table tops with different styles of legs and bottom pieces for tons of fun combos.  I chose the very basic in the smallest size.  They now carry it in black/brown and white.  I went with black/brown with silver legs.  I debated going with black legs or red (haha just kidding!) but thought silver would be best.  It also was an easy install with 5 (included) screws per leg into pre-drilled holes. 

In other exciting news we found some organic stuff at IKEA.  IKEA is semi organic too!  Really?  Yep Organic Elk Shaped pasta.  Came in white and whole wheat.  That's IKEA for ya.  I love it.  I should have bought this and saved it for a while elephant party or something. 

We wound up in the hood.

We did a trial run of their kitchen chairs - actually pretty comfy.  I think my parents  had that light in our kitchen growing up; it was even red.  They probably bought it here.

I loved on their built in closet ideas.  Even if their accessories were tied down.

One day we hope to get this Poang.  Is it sad that we both correctly know many of the names of the IKEA products - even the ones we don't own?!

Lastly we of course had to eat their Swedish meatballs.  Delicious!


  1. Did you have a meat-meal at Ikea!? Kicked the vege-diet to the curb for the Sweds, huh?

  2. I love IKEA. Each week, I suggest a trip to my husband. He has yet to think it's a great idea. We've only been once, but I could go easily once a month. I'm weird and know the names too, I'm all over Tullsta and Ektorp. So sad, hahahaha! And their little kid french toast meal- my favorite.

    p.s.-I love your wood floors, so beautiful!

  3. @J.Mill Jep J.Mill we only eat meat when we're outside the house like on rare outings like this. I really wanted to bring a bag of frozen meatballs home but that would be against our rules so I didn't.


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