Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Fest is coming

Coming up soon we're hosting a little party for our new friends here in Richmond and it's going to be a Fall Fest.  Welcome future CRNA's!  In continuing a tradition of some friends back in North Carolina who've hosted Fall Fest the last few years we're now spreading the party to new friends.  Basically it's just an excuse to get together, eat food, drink, carve pumpkins and be happy.

My only source of guidance (besides Jen's fabulous Fall Fests in the past) for this party has been Pinterest.  It pretty much fulfills all my party needs.  Decor, food, drinks etc.  If you're not aware of Pinterest I highly recommend it and if you get an invite or get accepted to the club be warned it will be too much fun to click away from.  That place is awesome!

I've made a Fall Fest 2011 board here and it pretty much sums up what I want out of hosting this party.  Check out these screen shots for the overall yumminess.

weird how that photo on the middle right looks like chili mac and cheese...
it's not.  It's spiced pumpkin seeds (dramatically).

Yep I have plans to make cider punch (or some alternative), hopefully lots of snacky things, a few pumpkin foods (duh) and maybe even some crafty decorations.
This is a way cool idea that just uses 2 bundt pan cakes to make a pumpkin shaped cake!  How creative but I wonder if it could be too much cake.  I'm not sure how many people we're having but I don't want to be stuck with 3/4 of this cake after the party (or I do?).   Also on the cake theme I'm thinking about doing this Pinterest classic (if you've been on Pinterest for 5 seconds you've seen this).
Yep I plan on making this two ingredient (not counting all the preservatives in the box cake mix) dessert!  I have carrot as well as butter cream cake mixes in my pantry now so we'll see how it turns out.  I got both of these at Fresh to Frozen and were about 50 cents each since the boxes got a little smushed on the corners.  Perfectly fine and will be yum!  I hope.  Wish me luck.

I'm thinking about making a crock pot of chili for the really hungry eaters.  With homemade cornbread!  What about having soup in a carved out pumpkin?  Or put ice and chill drinks in a pumpkin?  Oh the possibilities!

ps. If you need an invite just email me!


  1. This post made me so hungry...i want Pumpkin Pie so bad right now. :)

  2. omg that bundt cake is AMAZING--must makee:)


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