Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm a bread machine

Actually I'm not a bread machine but I feel like it lately using the heck out of one of our wedding gifts - an actual bread machine!  Since the arrival of fall this month we've been a lot into breads, soups and lots o' root veggies.  Despite it being in the 70's and even up into the 80's lately I push the bread maker on.  Here are a few updates of successful and less than perfect breads.

I have to start by saying I've never made bread from real scratch.  I've never done kneading, rising or whatnot.  Just the mention of the word "starter" and I go running to the grocery store for some pre-made bread.  Maybe one day I'll get to that but for now I make bread in our bread maker.  Technically that is from scratch since all raw, basic ingredients go in, bread comes out.  But the machine does all the mixing, rising cycles and the baking ALL IN ONE!  It's like a robot.  It's got buttons, lights and beeps.  Just program it and it will make you bread.

We got it last year and a few hard, black rock breads got turned out but the robot bread maker has sat untouched since then.  Also I should mention that I just use the recipe book that came with our Cuisinart machine.  It has tons of cool sounding recipes including cakes, gluten free, savory, sweet, the classics, jams and more.

In the last month or so I've made the following:

Salsa cheddar bread.  A successful bread I've made.  It's really good, comes out a little pinky/orange colored on the inside but really tasty.  We're not sure what it goes with... Mexican, soup...?  Just eat it by itself.

An in process shot of the mixer doing its' thing on a french bread loaf.  See how the pan is rectangular?  That's where I've found problems arise (haha bread joke).  Sometimes you have to wipe those corners down to get an evenly mixed dough. 

Another issue is that this bread maker leaves a hole in the bottom of the loaf.  There is no way around this.  This hole is from where the mixing paddle gets attached to.  If you also forget you can/will leave the mixing paddle baked right into your bread!  It's a small metal mixing paddle that you're suppose to remove when the mixing cycles are done and its about to rise and then bake.  Not a huge issue but kinda weird. 

Okay my french bread is rising... very good.

Okay now my french bread looks like a brick.  What gives?!?  Yep this was a not super successful bread attempt.  Truthfully it didn't taste all that bad on the inside and went well with split pea soup but overall a little dense.  Still no clue what happened with this one.  Better luck next time.

The next time after that I made pumpkin bread.  It also was somewhat to dense (but mostly edible) but was on a completely different cycle of cake breads.  So it didn't have yeast or the same settings at the french loaf so either there's a different reason for the bricks or this robot/bread machine doesn't get 5 stars.  There's no photo of the pumpkin loaf since after we each ate 1 piece it got attached by ants overnight.  Stupid house.

Lastly the most successful bread - the banana bread.  A huge favorite by Tony and I.  I've now made this twice and this is the only photo - a pieces wrapped up for lunch.  It's really good and here I've added chopped walnuts.  It gets slightly gooey on the top and a good texture all around - no bricks.

There are about 60 more recipes in the cook book for my bread maker plus about 100 more I've found on Pinterest and the blog world I'd like to try so we'll see where I end up in my bread making department.  Robot says hi.


  1. I totally need more robots in my life. Say "hi" back for me.

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  3. Bananer bread, I like this, you mentioned you have a cook book, where can I find it, thanks check out my blog


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