Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our Semi Organic Pantry

I've decided to do a mini series of posts called Our Semi Organic _______.  This first one is called our semi organic pantry.  10 golden stars to whomever can guess the next one.  Hint: you're already close.  Plus mini series sounds fancy like a marathon of Pride and Prejudice, John Adams or Time Warp.  To start off the photo marathon I begin with a photo of the outside of our fabulous pantry.  We are very lucky to have such a nice kitchen, although since that was one of our main priorities when house/apartment hunting when we moved to Richmond I shouldn't be surprised.  Our pantry is awesome.  It is huge, centrally located and easy to store tons of stuff in.  Oh and pretty.

I'm that nosy person that absolutely loves looking into bloggers pantries, closets, fridges, car glove compartments what not.  So this is a thrill for me.  If you've blogged about this yourself - drop me the link in the comments!

Here's the outside of the cabinets.  Yep it's both those cabinets next to the exposed brick (which we think was a fireplace or is a chimney for the upstairs apartment; who knows).  The kitchen is all new with our apartment and we think we're the first to live in it since the remodel.  Lucky us.

As you open both cabinets here ya go!

This is the whole shabang!  I'm not holding anything back.  This is our semi organic pantry.  We've got a nice mix of regular food like cake mixes, canned soup with lots of fun organic stuff like organic canned pumpkin, cereals, broth and grains.  Hope there isn't anything too embarrassing hiding anywhere but overall this is how we've been eating since going vegetarian this January.

For some more close up detail shots:

We always have tons of canned beans on hand - mostly non organic.  I haven't gotten too much into dried beans although I know I should since they're such a great value and much easier to keep around.  Plus you'll be sure there's absolutely no BPA's that could be in your food.  I did buy bulk dried split peas last time we went to whole foods and that was a huge success.  As you can see we also have Trader Joe's organic tomatoes and some pumpkin.  Although I have to say there is some regular people Libby's canned pumpkin in the back. Used those for Fall Fest!

Some more notable things are our always present continuing collection of tomato sauces.  We ran out for a few hours last week and it was the first time since college Tony could remember not having back up tomato sauces in the house!  We use it for everything!  Pasta, pizza, dipping sauce and more!  I got this non organic classico for .99 cents at Target recently with my couponing skills.  Those ripped labels on the salsa & applesauce are compliments of Fresh to Frozen.  The torn labels were the only thing wrong with them and I love that natural applesauce!  I think they were $1.00 each.

No reason to highlight these items other than the fact that they are awesome!  Espresso powder and dark cocoa powder.  I've used them to make brownies that were to die for!  Both King Arthur Flour brand; both gifts.

A few weeks ago we went with a friend on a Cosco run.  I hadn't been to Cosco in years!  We only grabbed a few things since our two person household can't support such ridiculously large portions of stuff.  We did grab a huge thing of olive oil since we go through it like peanut butter water.  We also grabbed a lot of broth since it was organic and low sodium.  You could say this technically doesn't go with our vegetarian at home rule - but whatever.  I would love to start making more of my own broth but that never seems to come up high on my priorities these days.

We're almost out of TVP (which is actually very cheap); it looks crumbly at the bottom of the bag - gross.  Those are unopened packages of organic brown rice and TJ's version of Bisquick.  Reminder - must make cobbler, waffles or biscuits soon.

We borderline hoard peanut butter in our house.  I bought a couple extra last time since I heard that peanut butter prices were going up.  Is this true?  This Jif Natural is our favorite.  We keep one next to our toaster on the counter at all times.  Also we've got raisins, crackers & pita chips as you can see.  Yumm.

I love keeping lots of variety of nuts in the pantry since they always seem to creep into reciepes where you didn't plan for them.  I often get them at Trader Joes since they seem to have some of the best prices around.  I do often see nuts at Fresh to Frozen too but not that much of a savings usually; they're usually crushed or pieces, labeled that way or not.

My new favorite snack.  These things are actually good!  I got them at Martins.

Another hoarded item - Trader Joe's chocolate covered espresso beans.  We have one and a half containers currently.  They normally go as a bonus snack/ dessert in our lunches for work/school.  Usually mixed in (secretly) with trail mix.  Random jello mix, (old free) popcorn, chocolate mouse, fig neutons and pound plus of dark chocolate bar in the background. 

That is all!  Our complete semi organic pantry.  What goodies do you keep in your pantry?


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