Sunday, October 9, 2011

Potato Galette

A new wonderful addition to our vegetarian menu is this amazing potato galette recipe.  You could use it as a side dish or as a main course when just hungry for potatoes.  I got the original recipe from my friend Megan's blog.  She has all the info on how to make this dish (and in a much funnier format than me) here.    

Basically it involved slicing potatoes (local, organic, off the back of a truck, fresh to frozen etc) and using the stove and the oven to great deliciousness.  I'll warn you now, there may be some danger in making this.  If you have small children or anyone who is careless keep them away from the kitchen.  No seriously.  

Here I am checking out the recipe online.  Again: find potato galette recipe here.  We picked fresh rosemary from our plant in our sunny window and may have skimped a little on the amount of butter.  

Some very cool photos of this pot squishing the pan.  Technical cooking terms.  The idea was to put pressure down so the potatoes all got stuck together when cooking and became pie like when done.  You can slice it into pieces ideally at the end.  

Okay here's when disaster happened.  Brace yourself.  One of the steps involves post-stove top putting the pan in the oven.  Okay, great we used a pan that was oven safe.  After the 45 minutes in the oven you return cooking back on the stove top.  What's one very important thing to remember here?  USE AN OVEN MIT! We carefully pulled the frying pan out of the oven and it had been sitting on the stove for less than 5 minutes when I grabbed the handle open palmed with my bare hand!

The metal was close to 450 degrees and boy did it hurt!  There may have been tears.  My poor scorched hand was badly burnt.  It was my left hand luckily but I burnt my entire pointer and ring fingers, part of my palm and part of my thumb.  I had to sit out the rest of the cooking that night with some ice and pain killers.

Because of the kitchen accident we didn't take any more photos, we didn't get to plop it out the pan nicely and have it slice into clean pie like pieces.  We did eat some later and it tasted great!  I ate it with sour cream since I wasn't into any more hot things that night.  

Next time we'll be more careful and hopefully get to enjoy this amazing dish more.  1. make this, 2. be careful!

A few days later my fingers were healing nicely with only some red spots that have now almost disappeared.  Most parts of my fingerprints are now returning.  

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  1. Oh noes! I can't believe I caused such pain, I'm so sorry I forgot to warn you! I'm gonna have to go back and change this on the blog, stat! Hope you're feeling okay.


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