Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's Fall

It's our first fall in Virginia (together) and it is beautiful!  We've been enjoying the cool weather (some of the time; we both love warm weather more then cold!), taking walks to check out the pretty color changing leaves and enjoying lots of fall food!

We took a walk around a park by our house and saw these beautiful trees on the lake.  Also I brought out my puffy vest.  Fall has arrived.


Gotta love some quick biscuits on a Saturday morning.  Cornelius gives his kiss of approval for this Trader Joe's product.  

We also attended a wedding of a childhood friend of mine out on the Chesapeake Bay.  It was beautiful.  The church had a really old (spooky?) graveyard.

We had to drive through this to get to the reception site.  I almost had a heart attack or panic attack while driving through this water.  I was sure I was going to wreck the car and float away into the ocean.  Had there not been a line of cars ahead of me driving I would not have gone.  There were smaller cars that had made it so I figured I was okay.  Maybe the photo doesn't do it justice - that water was deep!  Too deep I thought.  Luckily everyone got there safe and no cars floated away.


Gotta love a sparkler fest at weddings!  Mother of the bride got the idea from our wedding last year.  How cool!


I recently made THEE best cookies ever.  They are probably my highest achievement in the cookie making department.  Just ask Tony.  I made them T sized.  This perhaps should be blogged under the category 'things I've made from pinterest' but I'll just tack it along with this post.  This is the famous New York Times chocolate chip cookie recipe and they did not let me down.  


They remind me exactly of how I remember Mrs. Fields cookies used to be at the mall when I was really little.  That makes them heaven to me.  Print this recipe here out now and bake.  Seen on pinterest many times but one such is here.  The secret?  Probably this stuff:

How have you been celebrating Fall?


  1. Ooooh, driving through that water sounds a wee bit scary and a whole lotta fun. :P I love driving through rocky areas, mud, rain, etc.

    Also, that graveyard is lovely!!! I find them hauntingly beautiful!!!

    Jen and I love cold weather, so we've been celebrating by cuddling up, doing some Autumn/Winter cleaning, prepping for Thanksgiving, and looking into buying/making CHRISTMAS GIFTS! Woo. ^_^

  2. We've had floods this week here so I totally understand the driving through water! Not fun. Also, I've been meaning to try the NYT cookie recipe for a looong time and I haven't yet, but those cookies look amazing!

  3. I just found your blog and love finding new, healthy recipes (organic is the best!)

    I'm you're newest follower :)


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