Friday, November 18, 2011

Our Semi Organic Fridge

Remember Our Semi Organic Pantry? This is its neighbor/twin. Welcome to our semi organic household fridge (and freezer). I couldn't just leave the freezer out so it joined the party too. I love being nosy on other people's blogs about what they wore that week, what their closet, purse, car, cubicle, diaper bag, office looks like. Here's ours. Our fridge.

I start with the top.  This is pretty typical of our fridge.  I think I had gone grocery shopping a day or 2 before these photos.
Olives,  couponed cooking cream, salsa, coconut milk, gimme lean 'sausage', hummus, sour cream,
chocolate pudding, whipped cream cheese, fresh mushrooms, fillo dough, free range organic eggs and more hummus
Did you know that there are generic brand knock off cozy shack chocolate puddings out there?!  I love cozy shack brand chocolate pudding (and their rice pudding) so was thrilled when I could get it for cheaper by buying generic.  It tastes great!  It's also normal for us to have at least 2 containers of hummus at one time.  I actually added a third after this photo was taken (garlic hummus).  
goat cheese, mozzarella cheese, yogurt, apple turnovers, leftover salad, roasted red peppers,
unfrosted cake pops, plain cooked pasta & leftover asian rice dish (with edamame & pineapple)
Sorry the photos are kinda dark.  Not many people design their kitchens for optimal inside of fridge photos - even the people who did the lighting for our house.  Surprising, since our kitchen has 8 light switches and almost every light in our house has a dimmer installed.  Even both bathrooms.
lemonade, pasta sauce, organic chicken broth, organic spinach & almond milk
Yep we drink non dairy milk 100% of the time. Almond milk is the 'milk' of choice. Blue Diamond is our favorite but Silk is a good back up when on sale. That broth is the last of our huge Costco pack of broths. We went through 8 containers of broth - well... very quickly. We also go through those huge containers of spinach at ultra speed.  

I forgot to label celery.  It was in the bottom of that left drawer and I forgot to look when I was snapping.  That should be organic since it's a big dirty dozen.  
lots of the regular things including: creamed honey, lemon & lime juice, thai peanut sauce, pesto,
garlic, rooster sauce, maple syrup, leftover soda from party, lots of salad dressings & juice.
black bean burgers, meatless meatballs, frozen pepper strips, fillo dough, naan, peas
rice, chicken-less nuggets, pizza dough, tater tots, spinach & more veggie burgers
Is anything in our freezer organic right now?  Ummm... don't think so so much.  The peas maybe?!  Something hidden in the back of the freezer perhaps.

gyoza, vegetable scraps for someday making broth, cherry fruit pops
edamame, homemade salted caramel Jeni's ice cream (bad batch), lots of dorats and lots of freezer packs.

That's the tour.  Hope it makes you hungry.  
If you've done a fridge tour yourself - link up!

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