Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cat Burglar!

Have we mentioned our issues with our noisy upstairs neighbors? To summarize, we have a couple of newly graduated gentlemen above us who still behave as though they're in college. Pre-gaming from 9pm until 11pm, which usually includes some loud music, people click-clacking around in high heels, shouting & playing music, coming home at 3am to party more. A few strongly worded letters SEEM to have helped the situation, and we sleep better than we did a few months ago. It's lights out around 10pm for us most nights as my school day starts pretty early. We drift to sleep without the noisy shouting of drunken 22 year olds, and the soft, sweet, quiet settles in...


3:00am. A soft pitter-pattering begins on our bedroom door. It gets louder. It gets faster. What at first sounded like soft hands, now starts to involve claws and turns into scratching. It's just annoying enough to wake you up... then keep you awake. And it's as persistent. It's our cat, Cornelius!

insert Jaws theme music here...
The little bugger decided that he doesn't like human circadian rhythms, so he likes to do things like play or eat when everyone else is asleep. In our old apartment, we used our second bedroom as the cat's bedroom- he had all he needed in there, his litterbox, food, water & a door to close him in there with. We had the same problem there- we couldn't let him sleep with us because he'd wake up at 3am and walk on our heads or knock stuff off our dressers. Here however, we now have the luxury (misfortune?) of having a basement where we keep his box. But we feel bad locking him down there, what with the bugs & wall mold and what not. That's bad for kitten lungs. We tried locking him in our second bedroom/office at our current place, but without his litter box, he decided to poop on the floor. Fail.
border control
We tried putting a pillow from our couch across the bottom of the door but he's so big that it was only a minor deterrent. And Cornelius is a smart cat. He would scratch anyway, and we took to opening the door, then spraying him with water. But he started to get wise to us, and as soon as he would hear us get up from the bed, he'd hide in the dark. Did we mention that he tries to open doorknobs, like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park?

Can you spot the kitty in this picture? Nope? Neither can we at 3am, with no lights on. He's like a little kid ringing the doorbell & running away!

While you're busy hunting him down in the dark apartment with a water bottle, he sneaks stealthily into the bedroom, and hides himself under the bed. And waits until we get back in bed to announce himself. Every now and then you can find him poking his little head around a corner or up from under some furniture, hiding from the water, saying with his little eyes "Don't spray me, bro!"

"what's in your hand?"
"Please don't spray me! I just want to play!"

Whatever should we do to fix this problem? We've considered the following ideas unless someone can think of a better one!

  • Kitten Mittens

  • Remote-controlled water gun
  • Placing cell phone by the door & calling it when he scratches (and using a dog-bark ringtone)
  • Is it unethical to give a cat some benadryl to get him to sleep?



    place this outside of your door, it will spray compressed air at him if he gets near it... it will keep him away from your door.

  2. this is to funny
    my cat growing up would climb up door frames if she was locked out at night and scatch to get in.
    lets just say the first few nights there were some loud screams as we didnt expect a cat to fall on us

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  3. @Nikki Wow you are amazing! So glad you found this for us! Thanks! Hope we can save up for one really soon!


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