Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Wish List 2011

This Christmas we're not going to heavy on gifts. It's a 'love letters and the thought that counts' year. We'll exchange some but mostly on the modest side. We're baking up lots of big batches of cookies for family and friends (oops - gave away that surprise!).

We've been making the holiday season special by doing other things like decorating together, mailing Christmas cards, listening to pandora and 8tracks Christmas music, and more. I thought it'd be fun to wrap up non gifts. Everyone loves boxes under the tree right? So why not wrap up regular things for a fun surprise! I splurged on a holiday scented Narnia theme Method kitchen soap Similar to this one (we live dangerously I know!) and wrapped that. I also gave Tony regular every day stuff in gifts under the tree like axe body spray and his very own watch with a new battery. It's the little things right?!

But just for fun! In dream world I'd ask for:


Tony wants these

What's on your Christmas Wishlist?


  1. Nice! I'm tempted to add most of this stuff to my 'in a dream world' wishlist now. :) OK, maybe I will add a few of them. I've been doing lots of baking as well. There's just something about the holidays that puts me in a baking mood (or maybe it's just that it's a good way to stay warm).

  2. What a great variety of items on your list! The essential oils can be purchased at GNC. They've been having a buy one get one half off sale for about two months now. Maybe they still have it?

  3. The cake stand looks so cute!
    And for the ice cream (or cookie dough) scoop, I definitely recommend buying a good one – I bought one for $3 or $4 which looked okay, and it's already broken after using it a couple of times :(

  4. I love love love that stamp! I am hoping for a Canon SLR for Christmas. Fingers crossed.


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