Monday, December 19, 2011

Photo dump December 2011

These are some photos of lately.  

Downtown Richmond - it gets lit up for the holidays.  Very pretty.

These make a great meat free - chic'ken salad. They taste great when baked! From Martins (/Giant)

Best Saturday morning brunch - steel cut oatmeal. I ate mine with blueberries; T with nuts, dried fruit & brown sugar. Oh and perfectly homemade espresso in cool cups.  

We made snowflakes out of coffee filters to decorate for Christmas.  We used coffee filters since they are free and actually easy to cut.  Not as thick as printer paper but hold up more than tissue paper.  And they're already round!  We taped them to our front window.

Just chillin' Cornelius and I.

Funny sign.

The turkey we had at Thanksgiving.  Yumm...

My dad also made pheasant for the big meal.  

The table all fancy for Thanksgiving.

Photo dump end.

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  1. I think I need to have a "photo dump" too! Thanks for sharing:-)

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