Sunday, January 29, 2012

Great Customer Service Shout Outs

I'd like to take a moment to give a couple special shout outs to some great experiences I've had with certain customer services. Normally we're either griping about how bad a customer service is or not thinking about it. Right? Yep, that's me. Today I'd like to thank two companies who've recently been awesome to me.

Kitchen Aid and Aerogarden

Both have been hands down awesome.

First our 'planted' Aerogarden babies were all doing well except one. First post here. The chives just weren't sprouting so I called up their customer service for help. The lovely old lady in Michigan told me that they guaranteed that their plants grow and that she'd ship me a new one for free. Guaranteed. Free. Awesome. Just like that a new one arrived in the mail a few days later. Now the chives are all set up and ready for a second try.

I didn't need to have any proof of purchase when getting a replacement. I didn't need to have an account, my original receipt or anything. It was that easy. Thanks.

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here is the progress today
baby chives in the bottom right corner

Kitchen Aid has been great. My food processor broke. Well the handle of the bowl broke. It has this fancy locking mechanism so you can't start the machine without it being secure. Perfect so you don't a. accidentally get food splattered all over your kitchen & b. chop off a finger or anything. Smart thinking. Except fancy locking handles with lots of pieces sometimes break apparently. Boo.

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see I can't close the lid or use it :(
I online chatted with customer service. Luckily I had registered this food processor after getting it as a gift (though I forgot this detail). I told them it was a wedding gift and it matched all my other Kitchen Aid appliances and I love them, will be a customer for life etc. And even though I was slightly out of the warranty time frame they decided to replace it for free. Phew. What a relief and so much gratitude. Thanks. It is true - I have a matching red stand mixer, a new immersion blender and more things like cutting boards and scissors from them.

With just a few days to wait I got my new free food processor bowl in the mail.

Except there was a slight snafu at this step since the one they sent wasn't perfect. Oops. Well no worry, they express shipped the replacement for that replacement even quicker. I'm so thankful since I was out of warranty (just by a little bit) and have no money right now for replacement parts. Heck even the couple of weeks it took me to get online with customer service I suffered with no food processor. I use that thing a lot!

I was just so happy with the free packages that arrived at my door step I just had to blog about this. Thanks Aerogarden and Kitchen Aid!

I was not paid, perked, or compensated in any way to write this . Kitchen Aid and Aerogarden do not even know that I am even posting this. I just loved them enough to do this.

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  1. love great customer service! every time i read stories like this it makes me want to buy their products...and i am in the market for a food processor ... :)


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