Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's growing time again

It's that thyme again! Aerogarden time! Ha.

I'll quickly recap the saga of our Aerogarden. First we found this almost brand new (used once) still in the box Aerogarden with all the materials and instructions by the dumpster/free stuff section of an old apartment a couple years ago. A $150 value just ripe for the taking by the side of the road. Yes we took it. We used it once or twice with the store bought seed kits needed for each round of growing. I think we bought those from Bed Bath & Beyond. Then in a 'I'mthriftandcandothismyself' moment we tried to make our own seed pods out of sponges and existing seeds. FAIL. See links for proof. That was 2011. 

This is 2012 and we've learned from our mistakes. We are back with the official seed pods to grow more herbs! Tony gave me this as a Christmas gift which I love because it was thoughtful, practical and pretty cheap! He got a mixed herbs set. Gotta love fresh herbs in the dead of winter! We just set it up last week and already have growth!

If you don't know much about the Aerogarden product it's basically a hydroponic growing system that self waters and has grow lights set on cycles for whatever you're growing. It's all automatic. The seed pods come ready and you just pop them in and put in a little plant food nutrients in the water basin underneath and you're set. Every few weeks you just add more water to the reservoir and the plants just grow! It's amazingly simple!

Here is our setup. The first week or so the seedlings get these plastic domes while they're sprouting. We've got mint, genovese basil, thyme, Italian parsley, oregano, savory (??) and garlic chives. The oregano & chives haven't sprouted yet but the rest are already up and tiny.

In case you're interested these are what we have:


  1. How cool! And what a great find! I want to try growing some herbs this year (and maybe some veggies in the backyard).

  2. Wow very cool... I wonder if even I could master growing herbs.


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