Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What we've been making lately

I post our weekly menu's here at Our Semi Organic Life but don't take photos of said food that often. Often what I do take photos of the more exciting food we make - which usually ends up being desserts, special breakfasts, and more that don't end up on the weekly dinner menu.

We made waffles one morning and instead of syrup Tony made a fruit sauce with grocery salvage berries (look how good they look!). He just chopped them up and cooked them down with a little Truvia.

I got some puff pastry at Fresh to Frozen our grocery salvage for really cheap (that stuff is normally expensive!) so decided to make an apple tart since we had so many apples. Yum!

I was stocking up on homemade food before returning home after a long Christmas break out of town. I made chili, black bean soup, muffins, cornbread & regular bread. All ready to live off of when we got home so we weren't forced to cook upon returning home. So easy and quick. 

Just a random baking adventure - I made blueberry, lemon bundt cake. I'd made it about a year before and loved it so much. I made a comment on the print out "march 2011, so good you don't even need frosting!". That meant I had to make it again! We got a new (blue) bundt pan (everyone needs more than one right?!) for Christmas so I tried it out. It's one of those flexible, silicone ones. The cook time took about 15 more minutes than expected. The shadow in this photo below isn't all burnt. Really not burnt at all.

A typical meal where I make vegetarian chili in the crock pot with Morningstar crumbles, beans, canned tomatoes etc along with cornbread muffins. So delicious. We eat them with the corn muffin on the bottom of the bowl. They get all soggy and yummy.

Sorry this is so long! I've been saving these up apparently! This was a beginners adventure into making french onion soup. It came out great even though I didn't have the right type of cheese. Have I already blogged about this? Perhaps.

One last one: tomato soup & dumplings. This is a big hit at the house! All from scratch. And so easy to make! Every time I make it I think it's just perfect as it. I cannot improve this dinner. See ingredients in photo.

If requested I'll post any of these recipes!

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