Tuesday, February 14, 2012

AeroGarden update

In this edition of the AeroGarden update I bring you a photo timeline. Check out how well our little plants are growing! We started/planted the seeds on December 29th 2011. They are doing so great! What proud plant parents we are!

It's all about the homegrown, local, fresh herbs here. Semi local anyways; don't factor in the shipping.
January 9th
January 25th

wait for it... wow.
February 10th
We have a lot of growth in the AeroGarden corner of the kitchen! We've already had to move the lights up 2 notches. I think only a few left until it gets to its maximum height. The savory plant (ps. what is that?!) is seriously taking over! Can you even see anything through that mass?! Hello thyme in the back. We've eaten a lot of the basil so it doesn't look that overgrown yet. It was delicious!

Now... what to do with the mint? I have no idea. Besides mint juleps what should I do with fresh mint? Seriously I need ideas. Help!

 See how pretty and amazing the mint looks?

Oh and the replacement chives have finally started to sprout! Late much jeez! Better late than... pregnant. Ha! Tony joke. No really if these hadn't sprouted I was going to call and ask for a replacement for the replacement and if I could get something else - like cilantro. Oh how glorious that'd be. I know a lot of people are very pro or anti cilantro people. We are a pro cilantro household!
If you can see - these are the roots growing in the water hydroponic basin underneath. The bigger the plants grow the more this gets filled with roots. Also the bigger the plants the more I have to refill the water. Those big plants suck up so much water that it ends up being where I have to top off the water every day or two.

The plants still get little nutrient packets that were provided in the kit every week or two - not sure exactly. I just put one in when the machine tells me to. Robots are smart.

For the original post in this series click here.

ps. any fresh mint ideas?


  1. I think there's some mint in Indian foods... which ones currently escape me. Can you take it out of the Aerogarden and plant it in dirt? It'll last forever and go wild if you can root it in dirt!

  2. I usually chop it together with basil, olive oil, salt and pepper and use as a dressing for grilled vegetables, it add a extra flavor to it.
    you can also put some fresh mint into hot tea to make a middle eastern style tea.
    CIao from Italy :-)

  3. thanks so much April & Orietta! Great ideas! I'll update with how things go.

  4. My favorite use of mint is this recipe: http://bit.ly/176vGf. Seriously great! I also love to just add mint leaves to salad with a lemony dressing. :)

  5. yup, mint will take over. It can be used instead of dill in greek tsatsiki sauce, and I like it particularly in hearty winter salads. Like this one: http://smittenkitchen.com/2010/10/spicy-squash-salad-with-lentils-and-goat-cheese/

    Also, screw mint juleps. Mojitos are the way to go. Here's my recipe: http://shewearsboots.blogspot.com/2011/10/best-mojitos-or-what-ive-been-cooking.html

    And finally: Mint Hot Chocolate. Muddle mint into the sugar, and make it homemade. Wow, I want to try some now. Bring some of it over! :)


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