Friday, February 24, 2012

Vanilla progres

I'm back with more honest boozy fun. That is my homemade vanilla extract project. Part one and two spelled out the details of where I am now.

So far the bottle of vodka/vanilla extract has been sitting in a dark cool cabinet for the last 3 or so weeks. I've been giving it a shake every few days to rile things up. I've been giving it a sniff too; and each time it smells less like cheap vodka and more like real vanilla extract. Progress.

Looking good huh? Nice and getting even more brown. Those beans are releasing their flavor crystals to turn plain vodka into a specialty baking ingredient. Now... onto those flavor crystals. I did my share of research on this DIY project on fellow bloggers sites but I don't remember specifically seeing anything on little bits floating around. Is this normal. Eaks. Gads say it is.

See all the vanilla bean bits that have settled on the bottom? They're the bean innards which are the tiny vanilla specks you see in ice cream. They were released since I sliced open each vanilla bean so this flavor could be used. What this suppose to happen? Did I do it right?

Lots of vanilla bean flecks are caked on multiple parts of my bottle. The bottom as well as the top. No matter how hard I shake they won't come off. They're stuck. I'm thinking that I'll just have to strain the vanilla at the end when pouring it in bottles. I'll probably use cheese cloth since it can get so fine. I wonder what's the worst that can happen if you put some of these floaties in your recipe...

Check back soon to see my progress and to see if this DIY homemade vanilla is going to work out. Also I've been on the hunt for bottles to put the vanilla in when I'm done. I may have some cute finds!


  1. What an AWESOME idea. My mom uses vanilla A LOT... this would be a fun gift idea for her - homemade vanilla. I like it!

  2. Oh, you're supposed to get rid of the specks? I always just left them in, they disappear in the baked goods!

  3. I've already wanted to try this and I love that you have an in depth tutorial here. I hope it turns out!


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