Monday, March 5, 2012


In continuing with last weeks' tweet announcement I'm keeping with the social media theme.

Up next: the blog itself and that other web sensation: Pinterest.

Ya know what? I do look at how many followers I have. It makes me happy in a very small way. Now interestingly enough I have more Pinterest followers than blog followers. Not that I'm trying to keep score or anything but I started this blog waaayyy before Pinterest was popular (or I even became a member). Interesting how people lately have seemed to flock to Pinterest and follow anyone's boards they know.

Most of my Pinterest followers are just friends from college and such. I have started to gain random people (hello you) who have found me from the depths of the internet. So fun.
Follow Me on Pinterest
153 Pinterest followers! 87 Google blog followers. I'm really not with it regarding the proper way to follow blogs, the best placement for the button or if people even use this feature. Do you? I sometimes do. I know the  google friends connect gadget is going away soon for Wordpress members. Sad. I also know that I myself often just type a URL into my google reader then just read it from there. Does that count? Uh... I've been doing this for over a year and I'm definitely still a beginner. I'm okay with that.

I may have changed some things around since taking this screen shot.
also - banana ad? Oh google.

Thanks to all my readers. Official followers or not, whether you comment or not, keep it up. I'll keep blogging. Coming up: soup(s) recipe(s). 

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  1. I also read my blogs through google reader, but I've installed a button (similar to Pinterest's Pin It button) so that I click on it and it takes me to the actual webpage when there's a new article.


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