Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break 2K12!

I've been a little distant from the blog lately but only because we were out of town! Wahoo! I was so excited to find out we could go to the >>>beach<<< for practically nothing! Tony had spring break last week with an entire week off from grad school. He has a classmate with a family friend who has an incredible beach house in Pawleys Island, South Carolina that he let us use for... free. omg.

A bunch of people from CRNA school, their friends, family, significant others etc all piled in and we traveled down to South Carolina for the week. What a break! I had just finished up working a temp job here in Richmond so it was great timing. Since all the group had to pay for was the cleaning fee for the beach rental we figured we could actually afford a vacation. Normally an out of town week long trip would not be in our budget but we made it work! 

It was incredible and beautiful and relaxing and delicious and more! We did a lot of cooking at the house to save money and not eat out every meal. Tony and I made some great dishes!

Since we were down south we just had to make classic shrimp n' grits. We loosely followed Paula Deen's recipe. Pretty much following my way of cooking here. Using too much cream and bacon led to a food coma. narf.

We also made the southern classic a low country boil. This is a very easy one pot wonder. Check out this recipe In case you're not familiar with this its basically corn on the cob, red potatoes, shrimp & sausage. Done and done.

We both decided we had meat overload after this trip. We ate it multiple times a day for a week. After going almost entirely vegetarian in 2011 and now eating meat again since January we both don't want it that much. It's really heavy and makes me drowsy (or was that vacation nap mode?). We both agree that we'll still eat meat but sparingly. We just don't want or need it that much. It also makes the 'sometimes' very special.

Yes that is the view out of our back window in the photo above - aka the beach. This was beachfront property with gorgeous views. You can spot the gazebo on the right in the photo. That leads down to the sand.

We explored some, relaxed some, hung out on the beach, got ripped off on buying sunblock (better safe and broke than sorry sometimes), and generally enjoyed a stress free week. We even woke up early to watch the sunrise one day.

The amazing beach house had some sweet decor. Check out this lobster lamp shade! There were two. The inside was kinda abstract art that made for really cool late night glow. We also noticed this kinda querky fish on the wall. It was a coffee mug holder over the coffee station. Notice anything funny. It's a sad fish. Yep - sad face. Bummer. Even decor fish should get excited about vacations + coffee (even if I don't drink it anymore).
If you still get a spring break hope it's a good one!

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  1. What an awesome trip! We have a week off for Easter and I can't wait!


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