Thursday, April 12, 2012

Growing plant life

It's spring so that means growing things. Who doesn't love fresh home grown vegetables, fruits and just good old plants? We're lucky enough to have a large sunny window area in the back of our house with plenty of counter area for growing baby plants.

First up: avocado. Weird as it may be I'm currently (trying to) grow an avocado plant. It's really easy actually. You just eat an avocado (DONE) then use toothpicks to suspend the avocado in a cup of water until it sprouts. Here's how I did mine:

Poke toothpicks in the middle the avocado so the wide part is down and the thinner top points up. I used three to hold it on top of the glass. Peel off a little of the underside outside brown layer. This helps in sprouting. Fill a glass of water to the top and place avocado in the water. Mine took weeks to finally get a root growing. About a month or two later I have a root about 5-6" long.

The avocado will crack (this is good) and the plant will start to grow on the inside. The roots grow down and eventually a plant will start to grow up. Mine is currently almost reaching the top of the avocado and about to peek up above the pit. Some pits are duds so don't worry if this doesn't work first time for ya. Also they all grow at different rates and some start to sprout still inside the fruit and others take weeks in water to show any movement. These plants won't product fruit. These avocado plants are just for fun. Real avocado plants need to be grafted onto other plants in order to get fruit. These will just clean your home's air and look good.

Next up: herbs.

Not basal ganglia. The herb basil. We go through this stuff like crazy at our house. More so in the summer but we eat it on a lot of food. And fresh is the best!

I planted some seeds I'd gotten in a Triscuit box about a year ago. Totally random. They grew and thrived for a while. See how pretty and perfect they look here? Check back below.

Remember our aerogarden? Review here. It's been an up and down experience with this thing. Mostly I love it. Lately we had to make some drastic decisions. It was too good.

See the progression: 

aerogarden, plant, gardening, basil, tomato, mold, plants, herbs

aerogarden, plant, gardening, basil, tomato, mold, plants, herbs

aerogarden, plant, gardening, basil, tomato, mold, plants, herbs

aerogarden, plant, gardening, basil, tomato, mold, plants, herbs

aerogarden, plant, gardening, basil, tomato, mold, plants, herbs

aerogarden, plant, gardening, basil, tomato, mold, plants, herbs

Ugh. It started well then took a turn for the worse. We've gone through 3 or 4 complete Aerogarden cycles. It seems like every time towards the end the plants get too tall and some thrive while others get suffocated. Maybe we just didn't do a good enough job of pruning, although we pruned A LOT.

This time some sort of mold or fungus spread throughout the entire garden. You can see in the photos that the leaves just started to dry out and get brown and gross. The more it spread the less we could eat. In the end we had to just dump the entire thing (the plants, not the Aerogarden!). We salvaged a few of the basil leaves for dinner but that's it. It was sad to see something we put effort and work (by work I mean water a few days a week that's it) into die but it was time.

The solo basil plant from the Triscuit box also got infected. It's currently in plant ICU.

If you saw my post the other day this is what we're using the Aerogarden for now:
aerogarden, plant, gardening, basil, tomato

I'm attempting to grow tomatoes! I love homegrown tomatoes and in true semi organic style we have not bought fresh tomatoes since last summer! 


Yes we do not buy tomatoes at the grocery store unless its summer. Mostly because we've been kinda broke but also because they do not compare to fresh, local tomatoes. I'll get organic canned ones true. So homegrown in our own kitchen should be thrilling. 

Happy Spring!


  1. Oh, my goodness! My husband will be thrilled, thrilled! if I do this with an avocado! I seriously could surprise him with it for his birthday ... I also really want to start some herbs in the kitchen (when the remodel is under control). Thanks!

    1. Oh dang! can't get fruit? well, maybe i'll have to look more into it ...

  2. Wow, this is awesome! I love plants but never been trying this one. Water treatment plant is really helpful to most plants.


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