Thursday, May 17, 2012


I've been doing some more wildlife photography! Well if you consider next-store neighbor kittens wildlife that is. Remember the baby robins in the nest outside our window? One, two & three (they've flown the nest). Oh Spring is here.

I found these kittens in the empty house next to ours. There's a young mother cat and her 2 young baby kittens. They are very shy and it took days to get these shots. But aren't they darling?!?

cutest kitten ever
kitten 1

kitten 2
Kisses with momma!

The mother cat

I even stood still and long enough to watch her nurse the babies. No photos though. It was awesome to watch! They knew what they wanted and were not gentle about asking for it. I guess that is where the cat's kneeding habit comes from.
mama & baby kitten kittens playing
the duo litter were playing with each other.
can't figure out if they're boys or girls yet
_MG_0147 _MG_0136

injury on the neck
This kitten obviously has had some injury. Not sure what happened but it looks like something else possibly attached it - another animal? Good news - it looked much better today (vs. 5 days ago).

mama & baby

baby kitten
Cornelius looked like this when I got him. His pink nose was all blackened around the edges. This one will be even cuter one day when it clears up.

The kittens were living inside the subfloor of this house! They found a hole in the foundation and were living in there! The mother must have taken shelter under a random concrete lean-to nearby since she can't fit in the hole to be with her babies.

kittens (8)

the kittens are in the back of this box
The kittens are now hiding away (in their most scared moments) in this empty box of construction materials under the back deck. Belive it or not both kittens fit in this long thin box and can even turn around in it.

kittens in a box under the deck
Some photos are blurry. I'm not an expert with the DSLR yet. And kittens are quick.

baby kitten #2
Happy Thursday! Kittens make everyones day better right?! Tomorrow is Friday!


  1. Super fun, and cute!

  2. Oh my word, these kittens are precious! I have 2 sweet kitties at home and would have a house full of them if I could. Great pictures!! And I love your blog. I actually live in Virginia Beach so not far from you at all. I have some really good friends that live in Richmond. Small world! Happy Friday!


  3. P.S... I'm your newest follower! :)


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