Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day weekend

We had a great long weekend. Anyone else? We jammed as much as we could into a three day span. We drove as much as robin-inly possible. We travelled up to Western Massachusetts for a mini family reunion and to celebrate my grandfather's 80th birthday. It was tons of fun!

All photos courtesy of Tony.
This is Dziadziu's (grandfather is Polish) train set in the basement. Very fancy. We loved playing with it as kids. We'd just watch the trains go around and around but it was tons of fun. It's like a real mini city! Graveyard and all.

The family celebrated at a German restaurant (a favorite of the birthday boy) and I celebrated with German beer. Yumm. Didn't quite mean to get such a face in this photo, but oh well.

They had quite a collection of bottle openers & unique beer steins.

There was a ginormous chocolate cake that was delicious!

We looked through some old books that my grandparents had at their house. We found some pretty amusing stuff in my grandma's old beauty school textbook!

Last cool thing from the weekend - this Rutherford B. Hayes one dollar coin. We plucked it from the $12 toll booth in the Bronx. $12 toll bridge for the George Washington bridge in New York is no joke.

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  1. Good finds! I think the sounds of this restaurant and I bet that text had a few good quotables!


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