Thursday, June 21, 2012

internet inspiration and food

Hello! Just a quick mid week (okay Thursday) post. One thing that has totally inspired me today - this small batch canning article. While we have done canning at the house with homemade farmers market tomatoes it's a big project. I long to do more but the hugeness of it is daunting. We have a big kitchen sure but the upfront costs and the pressure to do it right or else you're out tons of jars of whatnot is yikesters. Maybe this will be a cool little project.

Again here's the link:

Next up: oh you know just some cool photos of homemade bread. Yumm! We admittedly didn't make it by hand from scratch, but still from scratch. We used our bread machine here to mix, kneed, & rise the dough. Then baked it a day and 2 days later to make paninis for dinner. I may have gone overboard with the scoring.

We had lunch meat in the house for once (gasp!) so piled on the veggies (eggplant, onions, mushrooms, greens) to make an indoor grilled dinner with our fresh bread. All photos by Tony.

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