Friday, June 1, 2012

Teflon is not yumm

Sad day. We've had a dead pot cooking for some time now at our house. Bad joke.

We've been using a pot to cook with that is totally unfit for normal kitchen use. Bad us. Let's start at the beginning. Tony got this pot from Target years ago when he got his first apartment in North Carolina. A very apologetic roommate used a hand mixer in it to whip up some mashed potatoes. Thus ruining the Teflon coating in the pot. It was a nice pot to start with but we should have known it'd be no good after that incident.

Fast forward 2 (or more!) years and we're still using the pot. We're at home making Jeni's ice cream recently with a guest and I see tiny black specks in the milk. No not vanilla beans. Our pot's Teflon layer had been slowly disintegrating!!!

We're probably both poisoned, getting cancer and never having children due to this. Let's hope not but it's probably on the not healthy list of things to do. Eating Teflon coating reminds me of an article you'd probably see on Yahoo Shine (Ladies I know you read) listing the top common health traps in your home.

Teflon is not yumm

Teflon is not yumm

The pot you can see is very worn and has probably been giving us tiny specs of Teflon in our pasta water for a year or so. I cannot belive we never thought more into this!! We're smart adults! (also weird.) We did know that it had been scraped but I guess never really thought that far into actually retireing the thing.

It is now retired. Still not sure if I should even donate it to Goodwill. Should I?


Check out how talented my husband is! He drew/painted this!


  1. I would trash the pan, and not give to goodwill. Just to be safe!
    And love the drawing your husband did.

  2. I am scared to look in my cabinets to see how many pots have scratched teflon. Have you tried the ceramic pans? I tried a ceramic knife and it didn't work very well, so I am a little hesistant on the pans but would love an alternative to teflon. Something about knowing that teflon kills birds when they eat the coating makes me think that it may not be so good for my hard on normal objects house.

    1. I've never tried a ceramic pan (honestly didn't know they existed!) but we do have a ceramic knife. I won it in a blog contest! It works pretty well I guess. We ran out of room in our knife block so it doesn't get used that much unfortunately.

  3. Just today my bf and I were talking about how badly scratched one of our teflon pans is. And it's only 2.5 years old! I really don't know what happened. We should really chuck it I guess.


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