Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby Succulents

Succulents are to me... strange. They act like no plant I know. They live in weird conditions, need little water, soil and have strange growth patterns. I like them, but they're weird. Pretty weird. That is, pretty, but also weird.

We have a few sitting in pots on our very sunny windowsill ledge in the kitchen. It's great since the succulents need such little attention but sometimes I don't get them. One looks like it's dying but has new flowers coming off a large off shoot. One has leaves (those squishy things) that have died, fallen off but now have mini succulents growing off the stalk. We have one or two succulents that haven't done a single thing in probably a year or two. No movement, no growing or dying. It's almost like someone is punking us with fake succulents (like they sell at Target!). Anyway... we have an aloe plant.

This aloe plant was planted on our wedding day back in 2010. Last year we got it as a gift and have been keeping it alive ever since. Apparently it really liked our windowsill because it took off! It gets the prize for most growth of a succulent in our house. It's grown so much that I finally decided to take portions and replant them separately.

I google around and found it wasn't hard to do; just make sure to get the main roots and separate at clear distinctions. Easy enough. I brought the now big aloe outside and got to work. It had about 5 smaller off shoot plants that were all in a root bundle. It took a lot of shaking of the root ball but I finally got 2 plants separated. One suffered some damage but I think it'll be okay. I plopped them into some small pots and tossed some gravel on top. Since that's what the glossy magazine succullents look like (right?). I only had 1 pretty pot so the better of the two got that one.

A few days later and I have to report they're both doing... just okay. They don't look as happy as they did with their mother plant. I hope a little browing is normal. I've been giving them the best sun spots so they perk up.

Also I wish I could report fewer blog posts lately means we've been doing more cool busy activities this summer, but alas probably the opposite. I've been cooking a lot so hopefully some cool food posts soon!

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  1. Those look cool!! And I'm sure they'll perk up :)


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