Monday, July 9, 2012

Basil Ice Cream Pinterest Challenge

It's Pinterest Challenge time again! Thanks to Young House Love, Bower Power & other great bloggers we're all getting together today to share what we've made in real life from some Pinterest inspiration! Mine today I'm here to share... Basil Ice Cream.

We're no stranger to homemade ice cream here at Our Semi Organic Life. Lately it's been a once a week type thing (chubbs much!?). We've been using Jeni's Spendid Ice Cream at home recipes for a year or more and have had amazing results. I've seen this basil ice cream pin around and thought we could do our own spin on it.

I'm not going to type out the entire recipe. You can check out Jeni's book. You know just go ahead and buy it. Then flip to page 76. It's in the summer section. If you own a home ice cream maker you will not regret it. Earlier this year Jeni won the James Beard award. Talk about good ice cream! Okay back to Pinterest... and basil.

I saw the pin and thought... great basil ice cream. But what does Jeni have to say on that matter? I refer to Jeni in all matters of ice cream these days. Shes says that basil ice cream should have roasted, honeyed pine nuts. Since we didn't have pine nuts we used pecans. In a mixture of honey, brown sugar, butter, & salt combine nuts and roast at 350F for 13-14 mins. Cool and save the nuts until the end when you mix it with the basily ice cream.

We still had some local honey from our CSA box a few weeks ago.
just yumm.

You gotta have a large handful of fresh basil leaves. The fresher the better. Ours? Was about 12 minutes off the plant and into the ice cream. Basically you make the base for the ice cream, then steep the basil while it cools off after it comes off the stove. Then after you strain the leaves out.

All photos Tony.

Using Jeni's recipe for the basil ice cream (vs the pinned version) made a soft, creamy and perfect ice cream texture that tastes incredible. It made a pint and two solid servings to eat right then. It has a very light, soft basil-y taste. The nuts do add a little great crunch to the sweet basil taste.

Although this tasted great and I love basil I personally like my ice creams a little more chocolaty, or fruity. Basil ice cream check... but what about lemon frozen yogurt, buttermint, cherry lambic or dark chocolate peppermint ice cream?!


  1. Mmm, basil ice cream sounds delicious! A basil vodka is also pretty banging too. It's basil simple syrup in vodka with a little soda water too I believe.

    Another fun ice cream book that I've been digging is the classic David Lebovitz the Perfect Scoop. I bet your local library will have it! It'd be interesting to compare how similar their ice cream recipes are because really, how many different variations of ice cream can really exist in the world?

    1. Yes I'm very interested in looking at his book too now! Jeni's method includes corn syrup in the milk/cream/sugar mixture, boiled for 4 minutes. Then a cornstartch slurry mixture boiled for 1 minute. Then whisked into cream cheese, then cooled in a gallon ziplock bag in an ice bath... then finally put into the ice cream machine. Seems like a lot but its not really and totally worth it!

  2. OMG That looks delicious. I must try this! Awesome!

  3. I never thought the two flavors would go together but it looks delish! A must try. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Pshhh, you KNOW I love Jeni's! ;) haha that flavor combo sounds amazing! Jeni would be proud :) hehe

  5. I recently had some Buttered Sage ice cream at a local shop and it was amazing! I like the unusual flavors, others include Earl Grey, cornbread, and my new fave Horchata! I can't wait to get my hands on this recipe.

    Nikki Kelly @ the ambitious procrastinator

  6. Interesting concept. I think I'm going to have to try some basil ice cream. I might even have some pine nuts to do it with.

    Bernadette @

  7. This sounds absolutely delicious and I would love to try some! Hopefully we actually get the ice cream maker we registered for so next summer I can perfect my ice cream making.


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