Thursday, September 20, 2012

Last weekend of the summer

The last weekend of summer finally came and went. It was still warm and we took the Saturday as a joint birthday celebration with my parents. Can you tell I love summer?! They came to Richmond to take us out for lunch which was extremely nice. Tony and I's birthdays are just 3 weeks apart so we split the difference with them.

We ate at this cute little lunch place near the University of Richmond. Besides the food being awesome, somewhat local and organic, the desserts being tasty and big enough to split, the bill was surprisingly low for 4 people. Yumm.

To walk off all the food we went to Maymont park. A huge lovely park right in the middle of Richmond. It's seriously gorgeous. A private park that literally has everything! It's got vast lawns, Japanese gardens, Italian gardens, herb garden, cobblestone walkways, a historic house with tours, a new visitors center, horses, old carriages, brown bears, a bobcat, bald eagles, hawks & large birds of prey, foxes, cows, goats, full on petting zoo, bamboo forest, large hills, old mausoleums, ancient trees and more! Phew. In just a few hours we managed to see a lot of it.

This is in the Japanese gardens and that huge rock formation in the background is a natural waterfall where kids can play in the water. They can even stand under the waterfall and get soaked! Tony took some photos of the giant koi fish in the ponds (must post those). They were huge! Like 2 feet long! Also we saw tiny few inch turtles.

Last time we came there was a wedding right here. The bride came in one a cool old horse drawn carriage. Sorta awkward just by herself and the carriage man person, but still cool.

In the herb garden I even tasted my very first stevia plant. I knew it's what makes the sweetener you see on the grocery store shelf... but have you ever eaten (or even just seen) a leaf? I sorta licked it at first and knew instantly I had the right stuff! Woah it was sweet. One tiny leaf was like eating a teaspoon of straight sugar! Crazy. I could see putting a leaf in your tea along with some mint leaves. Hmm, herb garden next year?

And to sum up how we spent the last weekend of summer - two words - focaccia bread. We took a trader joes' dough and Tony made it into some yum bread with some thinly sliced onions, herbs, oil, & sun dried tomatoes. Perfect.


  1. WOAH! Those pictures at Maymont are amazing!!! I met a woman who was in charge of the Maymont facebook page, and she said they're always looking for more pictures! You should share them :)

    1. Oh how cool! I'll have to check it out. Thanks!


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