Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Fest 2012

We celebrated Fall Fest 2012 this weekend. Best party of the year I hear. We ate thanksgiving-y food, had pumpkin desserts, lots of yummy stuff, watched football (we won!), and even carved pumpkin! I made these recipes:
  2. (and added roasted red peppers & onions instead of all mushrooms)
All great successes! Especially the casserole. Yum to the um. The buckeyes and turnovers turned out well too although we didn't make the prettiest buckeyes. 

I harvested almost all our tomatoes from the plants in our yard. This squirrel has been stealing them. He eats then leaves good, red tomatoes on our deck, and we know he's around. Jerk. After we lost about 5-6 big tomatoes I decided to pluck them all from the plant. Yes plant (minus the orange ones obvi). Green or red. They came inside. 

There are so many! pickling thoughts...

Now on to sculls. We went to two targets to find this $5 skull. Moving jaw and all. #winner

Also thoughts on persimmons...

Said thanksgiving casserole. Delicious. Also we used rotisserie chicken from the store; not turkey. 0% Organic just for the record (afterthought -jk we had organic carrots). IKEA lingonberry was great on top.

Evil bat kitty pumpkin carving a la Robin.

Who's excited about fall?!

ps. anyone get anything from Nate Berkus's Target line today? I like his rugs.

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  1. That pumpkin carving is awesome!!! Mine was pretty lame ;) haha I tried to make a hipster kid pumpkin (glasses, smirk, etc.) hehe


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