Sunday, October 28, 2012

Photos of semi lately

While I've been busy not blogging we've been busy taking lots of photos of every day Amato life. It's pretty exciting around here. We're so in the groove of wake up every day, we each go to our respective work or clinical site/school it's finally a set pattern. We're both usually done around 5:30 so enough time to make dinner together, hang out & watch TV before getting ready to do it all over the next day. For a while I wasn't working (early 2012), Tony bounced around between classes, labs, different hospitals, it's actually pretty nice now. 

Typical dinner - homemade pizza (TJ's dough) with homegrown/CSA tomatoes, spinach & mozz with salad with goat cheese. 

Our local farmers market rocks! It's close, they have tons of vendors, fresh food, food carts, doughnuts and one week - free kittens! I wanted to sneak this precious girl kitten in my bag hoping T wouldn't notice. I couldn't stop gushing over her for a days afterwards. Unfortunately I don't think we have the money for another cat.

We hit up the local folk festival. Granted not a great representation of the folk music considering this is just an artsy photo Tony took. Trust me it was fun - and hot for October.

They had a violin maker at one booth.

Who can find where I took a similar photo to this one on the blog?
Where's Waldo Robin with brussels sprouts?

Coming up next... Pinterest Challenge!


  1. A violin maker?! that would be so cool! It's like a live version of "How its Made" which I may or may not have watched for like 2 hours on Friday night. Because my friends and I are sooo cool ;)

    1. sounds like my friday night! no seriously.


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