Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2nd blogiversary

This week I celebrate my 2nd blogiversary! It's officially been 2 years writing this thing! Who knew I'd be still at it 2 whole years?! Not I.

My highlights from the last year...

The time I blogged about a hair product (soo not organic) and it was a hit. It continues to be a huge hit... no clue why. See my hair go from way to straight. Thrilling stuff.

Suave Keratin Infusion 30 Day Smoothing Kit review blog, hair, suave professionals, straight

The time I re-blogged about said hair product and it was even less thrilling... yet was a blog hit. Huge. Should I be doing a hair/makeup blog here people?! Unless you want to hear about how I never wash my face and bought a new hair brush at Kroger this week that's the extent to that topic.

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The time I blogged about making homemade Sriracha Salt. This came in at # 3 for the year. It probably started the section 'stuff I made from Pinterest' in the blog menu. It was a hit. Still lives in our kitchen... although strangely faded to white. I continue to add to the Pinterest section. Latest should be DIYing our headboard.

What have I learned in the last year? If you're going to blog, do it for yourself. Do it for your own memories, not for the fame, or blog hits or the money, or perks. Sometimes you'll get lots of hits and comments, others not so much. Don't blog about it if it's not important to you. Also blogs need photos. That should be a rule. I've learned that not everything can make it online, and taking photos for the blog/our memories is just as good.

The stats:
Months: 24
Published posts: 319
Comments posted: 814
Followers: 107

Google AdSense money earned: still less than $100.00

Other 2nd year favs: I finally hosted my first blog giveaway with Worlds Best Cat Litter back in June. I hit 100 followers. I attended my first blogger meet up with some locals, and successfully blogged about food more than 50% of the time. I'd say it was a winning year.

See back to my year one here.

Also for fun here are some neat recent photos from the Amato's:

Paper mache white rhino head in the works...

cool house with a 1/2 number we see on walks 

delicious chocolate orange scones

Cornelius being a cat
me with the bag I almost bought at REI.

Me with my new bag


  1. We're almost blog-twins!!! Happy 2 year blogiversary!! :)

  2. great blog! happy 2 year blogiversary!


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