Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bedroom redo - DIY a headboard

This is part 2 of the 'YHL inspired us to get a move on and redo our bedroom' series. It's a mini series. Remember part 1 - the free mirror project? Probably only 2 parts, post production secrets up for grabs.

Here we have the before shots. We had these curtains I painted a year ago, the dresser I painted in our old place, lovely accessories all typical of a bedroom but all messy. Classic before shot. It should be slouching and frowning with no make up. Check - it is definitely not made up in this before shot.

Notice the mis matched lamps, lack of headboard and mirror that reflects the closet.


Now we skip along to more exciting shots. Blogs are all about the photos I know. We went shopping for curtains. After Lowes and Bed Bath Beyond having good choices we took both home and liked the creme ones better. 20% off with BBB coupon they were $65 for the pair (if my memory and math is right).

Since we're still sorta short on budget we just put one curtain up per window. This window here doesn't even open (fire hazard), it's paper mini blinds are permanently shut/down behind a sealed winter plastic insulator - from last winter. So the usefulness wasn't high on our list. Attractiveness - yes, productivity from this window? no.

Now the real fun begins.

We decided to DIY a headboard for our bed. We followed Young House Love's directions as well as using other blogs and our own common sense. In a nut shell - build a frame, cover it with batting, cover it with fabric, & mount on wall.

Here is how we did it: We actually bought the items in reverse order. We first picked up the fabric. It was actually a tablecloth on sale for $12 at Bed Bath Beyond. It was the perfect color and texture we were going for - grey with slight cross hatching/stripes. Considering it was more than 2 yards and well more than we needed - $12 was a great deal.

Next up building a frame. Blogs say to go to a true art store and buy a frame used for wrapping canvas. That didn't work out for us (we got a quote of $154!) so we built our own. Not sure what art store Sherry goes to but it was not the one we went to!

We went to Lowes and found a 6 pack of 1x1" stakes for $7. We had them cut for free to the size of 2 @ 54" and 2 @ 24" pieces in store. You'll find them near the lumber section maybe one aisle over. Probably for putting up construction fencing or something. We also got a 4 pack of small brackets to put the wood together, our first staple gun, staples & a few items for mounting it on the wall. See budget breakdown below.

At home we laid the 4 wood pieces together, marked and pre-drilled holes and attached the brackets to make it a box. We used some staples as well on the frame - not sure what structural support that will provide - but it was my first staple gun experience. Loved it.

We bought a big bag of batting at AC Moore for $17 (our most expensive item) and cut that thing to size once we had our frame. We ended up doing 3 layers. Cut the batting slightly larger than your frame then staple down on the back.

Prep, cut and iron fabric.

Staple fabric to headboard. The first few staples should be at 12, 3, 6 & 9 o'clock for an even pull. Work your way around the headboard stapling all the fabric down. On the corners wrap and fold like a present and add extra staples. Make sure it all looks good from the front.
still during... notice mis-matched lamps, messy room
Hold up the headboard and bask in your late night achievements.

Finally - mount headboard to wall. We also picked up a couple items to mount the headboard at Lowes. We used 2 small D-rings and mounting hooks that clip. Since the headboard is light this was the best solution. We had to find a way to drill the holes through our now complete headboard. The drill was twisting the material and we didn't want to ruin what we just made. Tony busted out some medical gear such as this spreader. Ended up working fine - you can just make a little gap in material and then attach your mounting gear. We attached the D rings about 3/4 of the way up the headboard on the back. 

We secured each D-ring to the wooden frame through the material and stapled around it just in case. Next we attached the hooks to the wall. They were similar to picture frame hooks but with a secure clip so it can't be lifted up and out. Kinda like photo frame mount meets carabiner. 

This beauty is another medical device taped to one of those spare stakes used for the headboard frame. In it's previous life it was some sort of level used in a neuro ICU. Now it's a level for hanging thing in our house. Of course hang the headboard level

Also we slipped in some new lamps, rearranged the frames & mirror on the wall and de-cluttered the place.

budget breakdown
Wooden frame $7
cutting the wood = free
fabric $ 12
batting $17
brackets $2
mounting supplies $2
Staple gun $10
staples $5
Total = $55
(without staple gun = $40)


  1. It looks so nice! I need to make a headboard for our bed!

  2. Robin that is so cool! You're so handy!!

  3. Ooh, love how it's coming together!! Go giirl!

  4. that looks great! that's one of the YHL book projects I've got on my list, but I was deterred by the canvas stretchy thing too so this is a great alternative.

  5. love the changes. if i can make a suggestion...if you don't use the door next to your bed often, which i assume you don't since you have a table in front of it, you could hang another curtain to match the other side and hide the door. no one would know it was a door and not a window and it would make the wall even more balanced. i did that in my old house...had a similar layout with the window and door location. keep up the decorating...it looks great!!

    1. thanks! Yes that was an option but budget stopped us. I'd like to do that as well as add 2 curtains per window to make it all look nicer. Maybe if I get a promotion! lol


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