Friday, November 30, 2012

Tomato final haul

This is the final, final, last time this year that I'll post about our tomato plants. Final.

This photo is what I called 'final harvest 2012'. It was taken in October. After a nice summer and getting cool fall I did a final harvest before the frost comes. I plucked all the green tomatoes I could find to ripen indoors. Pretty decent haul.


'final' harvest #1 - October 2012

then this happened...

the final harvest #2 - November 2012

Woah! Where'd these come from?

I left the tomato plants to themselves for a few more weeks (yikes more?) and kept meaning to tear them down for the season. Turns out the temperature wasn't that bad. I thought I'd find a couple more tiny tomatoes stuck in the depths of the plant (seriously the thing was like a jungle in there) but had no idea I'd find all these!

It was a bounty surprise miracle! Albeit all green, but wow.

Also I realize that all miracles would be surprises. Less maybe you're God.

Now that half have ripened up we're going to make another batch of tomato sauce. Great way of using all these mixed color/texture/quality tomatoes. Who says you can't have local tomatoes in December?

To read about the drama of these guys see here & here too.

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  1. I tried growing tomatoes and didn't get a single one. Don't get me wrong it did grow a few, but it was so wet that season they started growing mold while still on the plant. So definitely a bit of a fail, and I haven't really tackled them since then.


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