Friday, December 14, 2012

Amato Christmas 2012

Little elves must have been busy at our house since it's all Christmas-ified. From the tree, to fresh twigs and down to the tiny Santa hat our groom owl is wearing we are official ready for Christmas!

Lots of organic pine cones are our decor this year - picked from the ground last year from a nearby park. Local AND organic! Hey. We have our stockings - see here. I'd like to add some cute r & t labels to them. Something stitched in felt, or perhaps wooden lower case letters hanging on ribbon. We'll see what the elves get up to.

I cut these red berry twigs from a tree in our back yard. I can't believe how perfectly red these are! They were all green in the summer, now the organic twigs are perfect holiday decor. Free too.

We have all our Christmas cards on the side table. Careful of burning candles yes. We practice safety. You can spy our own Christmas card from this year. Thanks Shutterfly! The back of the card is the best part. It shows Cornelius with his hipster glasses, and it says 'meow'. Love it! #hipstercat

Behind the tree is a special treat. What in the Amato household we like to call Narnia. Yes behind the wardrobe type Narnia, all pine needley and fresh. It's Christmas spray. We have a timer spray thing that spurts out (deadly chemicals) Christmas air freshener at intervals when we turn it on.

Who's ready for the holidays?!?

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  1. Super cute decorations, but especially the owls:-)


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