Monday, December 10, 2012

New toy at our house

There is a new toy at our house. It's like Christmas has come early! It's a sewing machine!

While spending Thanksgiving with my parents I did one craft project and then the machine was mine! How awesome! Since my mom hasn't touched the thing in years and I have an inkling to craft I hauled it down to Richmond. It's an oldie, but a goodie. Everything original is saved in mint condition. I think the sewing world community would recommend a tune up/cleaning, but we'll see how far this takes me.

My first project was a pillow. All the sewing knowledge from 7th and 8th grade came in handy. I actually remembered how to work the thing! What I forgot, I just looked up in the handy book that despite being from the 80's (or earlier!) is still in great condition.

I had 2 shirts from spring cleaning that I was going to donate to the thrift store but loved the fabric too much. I decided they'd make the best pillows. It was pretty easy, even for a beginning such as myself. I even found 2 old pillows that I could deconstruct in order to stuff my new ones. Easy peasy.

I basically cut off the top of the shirt and straighted out the fabric and sewed around the sides to make a rectangle. Then stuffed it and sewed it up. It's sorta lumpy but... my first project. I have a yellow shirt with a seahorse pattern that is a future pillow.

What's up next? Here is a hint for my next project:


  1. Fun! Sewing is such a useful skill that not as many people have anymore! Although confession: I'm still afraid to hem my own pants, my mom has to do them for me :\

    1. I'd love to be able to do this with my machine! I've actually hemmed pants by hand if I have nobody else to do it.


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