Saturday, February 9, 2013

Changes around the house

1. We got an exercise bike. It lives in the living room. So we can watch House of Cards and work out at the same time. The arrangement is working out great.

you can tell I'm not actually working out since the machine isn't on

2. I updated that container you use to hold cooking utensils in your kitchen. We were previously using an old wine cooler thing that was free at a thrift store once when I bought a electric cork opener. Here's a tip - don't buy an electric product at a thrift store that doesn't have a charger. 4 years later and we're still using the old too tall/too thin container for our wooden spoons. 

Enter winter. I got a new amaryllis lily from Target after Christmas sale last month. I noticed that my old one from 2009 has kinda sorta died. I dump the plant out and see that the ceramic cream colored container is perfect to live next to the stove and hold spatulas and such. One dishwasher load later and we have this...
Original 2009 plant. It bloomed despite being kept in a box with no soil, water or light, in a closet for 6 months.

MUCH better. Why did it take me 4 years to do this?
I'd also like to pat myself on the back since basically I have this although mine cost way less and I got a free plant with flowers for 3.5 years out of it too. Go Robin.

3. I got a real adult job!!!! Basically I got my own job. Heck I've been doing it for the last 10 months, but now I'll be paid like a real person. I'm moving from contractor to employee  A new badge color coming my way. Years without company benefits and they now feel like I've won the lottery. 

We're going to be rich! jk. We may be able to buy a couple more organic things each week at Martins but that money is going straight into VCU's CRNA program. Ah tuition. Only 9-ish months until that's done with (minus the years it'll take to pay off the loans). Guess we won't be rich after all.

RVA Sunrise

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  1. I love the idea of using a pot as a utensil holder. We had a small metal holder, and while it is supposed to be a holder, it isn't really big enough for all the tools we use.


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