Monday, March 18, 2013

All Natural Cornelius cat

Lets be real. Gross things in our house: the basement, cat litter, medical drawings of surgeries and more. Scratch that last one. Although those can be gross. Tony ahem. 

No but really... we have an adorable cat who makes un- adorable cat litter messes that is housed in our super gross basement. If there is one thing I can do for both it's use the litter we do. Worlds best cat litter.

The newest scent in the worlds best cat litter line is forest scented! When I heard that and my first thought was NARNIA! We love our pine, forest, natural scented stuff here - especially in winter. #WhenisSpring? In our minds they all get classified as ‘narnia’ since that's what it'd be like to go through the wardrobe in the book. I imagine. Now Cornelius can imagine as well when he does his business. Oh boy. 

I love to use this cat litter in general since its natural for our baby (Cornelius) and the earth. It's a corn product rather than clay so it's gentle on his furry breathing and safe for everyone. Also it works better in my opinion than the regular stuff. I've used it for years and love it. 

basement litter photo

Note: this photo is a total exaggeration.

This cat litter will not produce rays of clovers and trees. This is really how gross the basement is however.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give this new scent of the great product a 9.5 since the scent wasn't as strong as I thought it might be. Probably for the best since if I designed the product you'd smell it from a block away. And nobody wants that. I'll leave the hard work up to the worlds best cat litter guys and gals. 

I asked the cat what his thoughts were on the new litter I'd given him. All I got was a death stare and a "oh you want me to do tricks?" Up trick. I'll infer that he likes it. 

cat litter photo 

This new product has begun to ship to pet specialty stores (Independent pet stores plus Petco & PetSmart) and will be on shelves by April 1st.

cornelius photo

**I was exclusively chosen to test and review this product but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Hahaha he's such a cutie and I love your exaggerated photo ;)


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