Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Home Post – the Layout

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We've been at our new place for about 6 months and I just love a good floor plan post. So here goes! Our (new) place is a single family house that we rent. I think we got really lucky with this one since it’s in a good neighborhood, near our works, clean, reasonably priced and even has a renovated kitchen. For a look back at month 1 see here.

I made this outline on Easy peasy.

You can see that we have a weird back room off the kitchen and dining area. We think It used to be a porch and was then enclosed. It get’s decent light and the largest room in the house but there isn’t much furniture there currently. We’ll be working on that later this year. I’m hoping we can get some real dining room furniture and make it look nice. Now there is a lone bar cart and extra chairs along with the cat’s toys as a starting point. Note – no photos currently. Actually I don’t have photos of any room yet so I thought I’d start out with a floor plan.

Got closet space? Wow these old ranchers have tiny closets! The master closet is about 3 feet wide; for both of us! We took a trip to IKEA back in September to help remedy this. Now we have a whopping 6 feet of closet space. The IKEA stand alone closet is attractive, not too expensive and works; and we can now both put our clothes in the master. Of course more would be better but it works for now. I’m sure many women couldn't fit half their summer clothes in 6 feet of closet! Never mind 2 adults fitting pretty much all their clothes! Luckily in the last 3 years we've been pretty minimal and have purged.

Overall the rooms are small but they fit us just fine. One and a half bathrooms was our ideal when house hunting. That tiny closet in the back room is the washer/dryer. They're stacked and hidden.

Not shown is the outside. We have a big fenced yard in the back with a shed and great deck. The front has a cute tiny porch that we got an adorable bench swing at the last after summer sale. I can't wait to take photos of everything to document this house.

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  1. I can't wait for the day we have a single family home haha. Neighbors can be a little noisy at times!

    Your floor plan looks great! I'm glad you guys are enjoying the place :)


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