We're (still sorta) 20 something newlyweds Robin & Tony. Read about our semi organic adventures and more! After living in Raleigh/Durham for years we relocated to Richmond, VA for Tony's school. With 2 years here in the city it's finally starting to feel like home. Welcome to my corner of the RVA blog world.

I blog about our lives, food, cooking, decorating frugally, DIYing, random things, funny YouTube videos, couponing, and our cat! Read about trying to go coffee free, dairy free, vegan, and usually vegetarian. 

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Of course I'm a big Pinterest fan.

This is me!  Robin! I like to read way to many blogs, enjoy cooking, especially baking, taking photos of our adorable cat, the outdoors, photography, organizing, pretty stationary and more.

That's my new husband! Tony! He does all the real cooking and real photography in our house. Read all about our big move to Virginia for Tony's school here.

That's the little one. Cornelius! He's the baby of the house even though he weighs about 15 17 18 pounds! And yes he is on a diet. He hates kitty diet food.

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  1. AnonymousJune 06, 2011

    Umm.. Did you steal my cat?! haha..



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